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Victoria’s Secret Runway Your Way Palette: Victoria’s Secret Fall Collection 2010

Victorias Secret Fall Collection 2010

Ha! Relief!

Why? Because I won’t be splurging on any LE Fall Collections from Victoria’s Secret this year. Phew! Money saved. I normally adore the Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Seasonal Releases but this year I’m not really feeling the love for the new palette releases and unless they release something more I’m pretty safe!

Take a peek at the new Victoria’s Secret Runway Your Way Palettes and tell me what you think!


Philosophy Chocolate Covered Cherry Shower Gel

Cherry is so my bag! Loves it! Chocolate Covered Cherry? Not so much. Something terribly gross about cherry cordials, pretty gross right? You bite into them and they gush into your mouth all slimy-like, mmm, no likey.

But I can probably get on board with shower gel scented as such!



Sephora by OPI Virtual Polish Change

Sephora by Opi

Even though I’m NOT a nail girl I’m terribly silly and spent the better part of 20 minutes of my busy work day playing around with the Sephora by OPI Virtual Polish Change.

God what a time waster.

Have you tried it?

I dunno if the swatches are true to life but just sitting there and trying out shades while making the nails shorter and longer made my day all the more exciting, I know, I must lead a dull life if this stuff excites me. Shrug, what can I say? I’m easily aMUSEd (get it? ha!).

If you have a few minutes to burn or you’re as easy to entertain as me you can check it out at www.sephora.com

Have fun!ave fun!


Lush Foam a Friend, Lush Sweet Soap of Mine, Lush Ice and a Slice, New Lush Soap Cocktails

Lush Soap Cocktails

I happen to be an indecisive little bugger. I can NEVER make up my mind about anything. For example, if I see a pair of sneakers that come in pink, blue, and white, I’ll proceed to buy all three colors because I can’t settle on simply one shade, seriously? Come on, choosing something as mundane as the color of my next pair of chucks is damn difficult.

That’s why I like Lush Soap Stacks. A cocktail of two Lush Soaps for a sweet little price tag. Ahh relief, now I don’t have to make hard decisions.



Stila The Color of Innovation: Stila Fall Collection 2010

Stila Fall 2010

Mmmm after my rant on color changing lipgloss yesterday, I find it rather fitting and ironic that the Stila Fall Collection 2010 includes a “perfect shade of pink” blush. Hmmm….I’m feeling suddenly very deja vu-ish (is that a word? No? Well count it as one now!).