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MAC & Marcel Wanders 2 2012

MAC Marcel Wanders 2 2012 2

MAC partners once again with designer Marcel Wanders to create a limited edition collection. If you recall the prior collection was all about the dark and elegant. This sequel brings the light to the front of the line an elegant and beautiful Spring Collection.

Take a look!


MAC Too Supreme Collection

MAC Too Supreme 1

MAC Too Supreme contains several new click style lipglass pens.

I swoon.

Seriously, I have a think for click pen glosses, hello, I own way too many Stila Lipglazes. This is the first time MAC has introduced a click pen to my knowledge so I’m kinda chuffed solid about the this new collection.

Take a look!


MAC Chen Man Love and Water

MAC Chen Man Love and Water Collection 21

Hey guys!

This is just a little updated post on the MAC Chen Man Love Water Collection as yesterday I didn’t have any images to go along with the release info. My original thoughts about the colors used in the promo image have changed slightly as it does seem many of the shades are actually in the collection but they look way more neon on her lids than they do in the pan. I’d say the shades are more pastel here versus the promo model’s lids and lips looking more bright neon. What say you?

Take a look tell me what you think, keep in mind the post reads as it did yesterday just the images changed!

Chen Man has teamed up with MAC to create an unusual color collection.

I have some musings on this one, take a look, tell me what you think!


MAC Marine Bright Formula Moisture Creme Review

MAC Marine Bright Formula Moisture Creme 002

Considering MAC just released Mineralize Charged Water Gel I’m not sure if you actually need to indulge in MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula Moisture Creme.

You’re probably pretty stocked up with Charged Water Gel so this would be an indulgent little purchase.

Let’s take a look!


Yay or Nay: Victoria’s Secret Dazzleshine Lipgloss

Victorias Secret Dazzleshine Lipgloss

Yay /yā/
Exclamation: Expressing triumph, approval, or encouragement: “Yay! I just shot a zombie in the forehead and survived to tell the tale”.

Nay /nā/
Noun: A negative answer: “Nay, I’m not going outside and shooting those zombies, you do that shiz!”.

A game of yay or nay today starring Victoria’s Secret Dazzleshine Lipgloss. Available in six shades with a shimmer finish and a brush applicator these little beauties are the newest addition to the Beauty Rush Collection, which sadly, hasn’t been updated in a little bit.

I haven’t tried them yet. GASP! Shock! I know right? So I can’t participate in this yay or nay session.

But have you tried ‘em?

Yay! Can’t live without ‘em!

Nay! Don’t like ‘em, meh!

Do give the good word!