Mid-Range Makeup Brands

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzing Powder Review & Swatches

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzing Powder 1

I had no idea how popular Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder was until everyone started hounding for the deets about the new, lighter shade available.

Wow, this has quite a cult following and after trying it out I’m understanding why everyone is excited about a lighter shade.


Review & Swatches Facefront Cosmetics Red Hot Eyeshadow: A MAC Firepot Dupe If Ever I Did See One!

Facefront Cosmetics Red Hot 1

Uh oh…

More orange-y goodness coming your way.

MAC introduced Firepot to my life a few Summer’s ago. I cherish that eyeshadow like it’s my love child with BenoĆ®t Magimel.

Facefront Cosmetics Red Hot is actually even more intense, more fiery than MAC Firepot.

How is it possible?!


GUD Pearanormal Activity Foam Hand Wash Review

GUD Pearanormal Activity Foam Hand Wash 2

Dear Gud, you’re rocking my world so hard lately, k, thanks.

I’m loving on Burt’s Bees Gud Collection. It’s such a funky, funk selection and oh so inexpensive. Don’t get me wrong, Burt is a cool egg, but I think I likey Gud more.

All of you going on and on about how positively addicting the Pearanormal Activity scent is, well, you’re right!


MAC Hey, Sailor Collection for Summer 2012

MAC Summer 2012 MAC Hey Sailor 24

MAC Summer 2012 MAC Hey Sailor 23

MAC Summer 2012 MAC Hey Sailor 22

MAC Summer 2012 MAC Hey Sailor 21

MAC Summer 2012 MAC Hey Sailor 20

POOF! That’s the sound of dreams for a MAC Pantone Collection going up in smoke.


MAC Hey, Sailor for Summer 2012 might capture your interest but I call disappointment.


NP Set Brightening Pre-Foundation Primer Review & Swatches

NP Set Brightening Pre Foundation Primer 1

I always get so many questions about ways to brighten, whiten, or lighten skin. I do so feel like Queen Know It All when it comes to the topic as I’m typically one for overindulging in Asian whitening solutions.

Not everyone wants permanent results though, some folks just want a way to ease dullness or just a little brightening up. My suggestion is ALWAYS the same for this, a lilac base. They aren’t too common here in the US but primers, cream bases, etc…all lilac based in color, are fairly popular in the Asian market. It’s a temporary solution to ease dullness and to get skin looking whiter and brighter.

Surprisingly, NP Set released a Brightening Pre-Foundation Primer that can be purchased at Target.

Do have a look!