Mid-Range Makeup Brands

MAC Wonder Woman Defiance Eye Quad FOTD

MAC Wonder Woman Eye Quad 032

Here’s my last FOTD with the Wonder Woman Collection Eye Quads. Today I’m sporting Defiance. So far, without a doubt, Valiant is my favorite of the lot but Defiance comes in at a close second. This does a great job of creating a delicate pink eye look. Colors aren’t bold or particularly vibrant so if you enjoy and embrace a softer eye look this one is for you!

MAC Wonder Woman Defiance Eye Quad FOTD

MAC Wonder Woman Defiance Eye Quad FOTD 3

Have you decided which quad(s) will be coming home with you?


mark Blue Eye Kit mark Brown Eye Kit mark Hazel Eye Kit

mark Blue Eye Kit mark Brown Eye Kit mark Hazel Eye Kit Spring 2011

Uh Oh, mark is the next brand to tell us what will and won’t look good with our eye colors.

Their new eye kits are specially chosen shades to compliment your eye color. Each set includes a trio of products to best suit your eyes!

Let’s see what you think!


MAC Complete Comfort Cream Review

MAC Complete Comfort Cream 001

Gather round ye old Prescriptives fans and enjoy an ode to Comfort Cream. Fans of Prescriptives cried bloody murder when the brand suddenly shut shop and took all their favorites products away.

I used to love their LE items but I wasn’t as die hard a fan as some of you are to this day. Some of you have proclaimed the joys of the perfect foundations and concealers from the brand and sobbed your heart out when it was said and done.

A little good news to lighten your heart. MAC brings back Prescriptives Comfort Cream in a big old jar plus a way cheaper price tag.

Sensitive types rejoice!


C.O. Bigelow Lemonade Stand Antioxidant-Infused Lip Balms

C.O. Bigelow Lemonade Stand Lip Balms

C.O. Bigelow sets up its Lemonade Stand for the Spring season and introduces some new lemon-y lip balms for our pucker!

I’m a big fan of the entire Lemon range from C.O. so these are obviously on my wish list!

Check ‘em!


Review: Do You Know About MAC Cleansing Off Oil?

MAC Cleansing Off Oil 1

Be honest, when you think cleansing oil do you automatically think Shu? In a Western world it’s possibly the first thing that enters your head since our market lacks the variety of cleaning oils that Asia is privy to!

But did you know MAC has a cleansing oil that rocks?

Check it!