Philosophy Autumn Air Tangerine Cider Shower Gel for Fall 2011

Ahhh bless relief!

Philosophy’s Halloween/Fall 2011 offerings at Sephora disappointed me a little bit. This was only because we had already seen them from years past…

But Nordstrom has some very nice new shower gels for Fall to get us excited.

Tangerine Cider anyone?


Philosophy Fall/Halloween 2011 Collection

A few bits and bobs for Philosophy Halloween 2011 have been popping up online.

Hopefully we’ll see more soon because so far it’s merely a rehash of what we normally see from the brand.

Take a look!


Philosophy The Funnel Cake Stand Set Philosophy Sugar Sprinkles Funnel Cake Shower Gel & Lipshine

We recently went to the circus with Philosophy…

And for Fall 2011, looks like we’ll be having a little fun at the carnival.

Anyone for Funnel Cakes?



Philosophy Maraschino Cherry Lemonade Shower Gel

Philosophy continues it’s rather cool Shower Club of the Month dealio on QVC with a brand new scent.

Let’s take a peek!


Philosophy Divine Long-Wear Creamy Eye Color Trios

Good Morning!

Today, you should see faster load times around here. Sorry the past few days have been hell around here and the site has been loading like…dare I say? Ass!

Few things have been tweaked and looks like Musings will behave itself once again. Let me know if you have any problems, issues, hiccups, or farts.

On to the makeup!

I’ve been testing out the new Philosophy Divine Long-Wear Creamy Eye Color recently and I gotta say I think I may be in love. I remember when I started Musings and had a slew of posts about my hate of cream shadows but I’ve somehow grow into them or they have grow on me or something along those lines.

QVC has a trio of these fine shadows available (when they had the duos they sold out rather quickly).

Philosophy packaged up their new Divine Long-Wear Creamy Eye Color in a Cool or a Warm Trio and offered ‘em too to QVC divas far and wide for $43.

Mmm after shipping you’re looking at around $15 per shadow so not sure if you’re wanting to indulge all that much however I will say they are kinda rockin’ my world and if you’re a lover of cream shadows you may want to indulge. Because hey, I know what you’re thinking! “Well, ummm they probably suck if they are packaging them up in trios right?” No! They are kinda brilliant!

Philosophy Divine Long-Wear Creamy Eye Color Cool

  • Lavender
  • Twilight
  • Periwinkle

Philosophy Divine Long-Wear Creamy Eye Color Warm

  • Magnolia
  • Sand
  • Mint Julep

Available now from

P.S. One more sleep until the next eppy of the Guild! I loved the first eppy but I’m a little disappointed that we aren’t going to have hawt Codex and Fawkes action. I really don’t love the idea of the Zaboo and Codex whiny relationship!