Steal It: Philosophy A Kiss & A Wish Lip Shine Set

Philosophy A Kiss A Wish Lip Shine Set

Steal this one away for $15. It’s Philosophy A Kiss & A Wish Lip Shine Set which includes four merry, festive lip shines for the Holiday Season. Loves it!

The set includes Philosophy Lip Shines in:

  • Red Licorice
  • Raspberry Sorbet
  • Candy Cane
  • Pink Bubbly

I’mma want it to be in my Christmas stocking. Cutes and only $15 bucks, SCORE!

Available now at Sephora.


Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings Set

Philosophy Pink Frosted Angel Wings Set 4

Happy Monday guys!

The Muse was thinking she’d go ahead and jump start your dreary Monday morning (must be dreary if it’s anything like the Muse’s Monday, I hate Monday) with a little something sweet from Philosophy.

It’s sweet, it’s frosted, it angelic, and it’s shimmery….got your attention yet?

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Philosophy Have A Cherry Christmas Shower Gel Review

I’m having myself a cherry Christmas this year and maybe I might have a cherry New Year too….I’m thinking I need to have a cherry rest of the year with the new Philosophy Have a Cherry Christmas Shower Gel.

Loves it!

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Philosophy The Supernatural You Make Me Blush Mineral Blush Duo Review

While away in California I ended up getting a little too toasty for my liking.  SPF’ing myself to death didn’t keep the warm sunny San Diego sun from blessing my medium fair skin with the kiss of death aka a golden glow.  No likey a tan of any kind.

My skin is finally adjusting back to it’s normal shade but it’s in the between stages which means dullness.   Lucky enough Philosophy took a hint from my Tips and Tricks for Bronze Application by combining a warm shade of bronze with a kiss of warmer blush to spice up my dull skin and bring back that golden glow from California.

Philosophy The Supernatural You Make Me Blush Mineral Blush Duo 1

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Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight Review

Hey lovies!

The Muse happened to be in Sephora a few days ago and had a peep at the new Philosophy makeup display. Remember how they used to have the skincare against the wall and the shower gels kinda hanging out in a middle rack? At least that’s how mine had it. Anyway…’s still like that but now they have an entire display for the cosmetic line. I thought this was rather exciting as I’m hopeful it means good things are coming our way from Philosophy. They really seemed to pay special attention to their color cosmetic line this Fall so maybe they’ll consider releasing more items next season.


‘Nuff of my babblings. How about a Philosophy review to celebrate?

Ahhh the moonlight, isn’t it terribly romantic? A touch on your face creates an instant highlight and a beautiful finish. How can we bottle up the moonlight for our faces?

With Philosophy the Supernatural Moonlight! Instant traces of a luminous glow for your cheeks and face all bottled up with a sponge applicator for easy application.

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight 5

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight 6

Loves it!

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