Pop Peak Performance Mascara Review

Pop Peak Performance Mascara

It’s a tricky and messy little bugger but with a little patience Pop Peak Performance Mascara creates some dramatic lashes! This mascara actually takes you away from traditional blushes and places an innovative lash comb applicator in your hands.

Whether or not it’ll work for you depends on your level of patience as Pop Peak Performance Mascara does have a learning curve and can get frustrating fast but the effort is worth it.

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Pop Beauty Plump Pout for Fall 2013

Pop Beauty Plump Pout

Absolutely adoring these Po Beauty Plump Pout lipglosses that have launched for Fall! I have way too many glosses to get through but I love the idea of these as they look like a high shine, pigmented gloss with a liquid lipstick-like formula….!

Maybe just one for me…!

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New Pop Beauty CC Cream with Color Adapt

Pop Beauty CC Cream

Looks like Pop Beauty CC Cream could prove promising as it has a color adapting technology! You know how much I love my Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream so count me curious if the new Pop Beauty CC Cream can stand a chance at adapting to my skin tone correctly.

All of the latest CC Creams releasing in the US including Clinique, Lumene, and other brands come in a few shade selections. The general idea of the CC Cream was to start out white with tiny color adapting capsules which burst upon application and adjust to your skin tone. Granted, in most cases this never works but I’m seeing many Korean brands that do actually embrace the technology and successfully work as I’ve tried many of them!

Pop Beauty’s new CC Cream embraces this technology so count me curious if they are successful with it!

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Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer Buzz Buzz Buzzing!

Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer

Buzz buzz bitches the new Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer swings into stores for the Fall 2013 season and makes me go, well, it makes me go BUZZ!

Remember the vibrating foundation sponge I featured a few weeks ago from Korea? Well these buzzing foundation sponges are all the rage at the moment and I can name a slew of Korean and Japanese brands doing similar products. Of course, you might also be familiar with Lancome Oscillation which also has a buzzing, vibrating sponge head to apply foundation!

Perhaps Fall we’ll see this trend visiting our shores more often?

For now The Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer is the first of its kind to pop up here in the US.

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Lemming: Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit

I haven’t yet tried Pop Beauty’s Chubby Lip Pencils and there’s no time like the present thanks to the new Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit.

Hello awesome! It seems that Pop doesn’t even offer the pencils as a single purchase anymore but they more than make up for it with this nifty little set that includes not one, not two, not three, but six lip tint pencils.

Confirmation, do want!

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