Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer Buzz Buzz Buzzing!

Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer

Buzz buzz bitches the new Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer swings into stores for the Fall 2013 season and makes me go, well, it makes me go BUZZ!

Remember the vibrating foundation sponge I featured a few weeks ago from Korea? Well these buzzing foundation sponges are all the rage at the moment and I can name a slew of Korean and Japanese brands doing similar products. Of course, you might also be familiar with Lancome Oscillation which also has a buzzing, vibrating sponge head to apply foundation!

Perhaps Fall we’ll see this trend visiting our shores more often?

For now The Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer is the first of its kind to pop up here in the US.


Lemming: Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit

I haven’t yet tried Pop Beauty’s Chubby Lip Pencils and there’s no time like the present thanks to the new Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit.

Hello awesome! It seems that Pop doesn’t even offer the pencils as a single purchase anymore but they more than make up for it with this nifty little set that includes not one, not two, not three, but six lip tint pencils.

Confirmation, do want!


Weapon or Mascara?


Pop Beauty Fall 2012 Collection

Pop Beauty Fall 2012 has launched on Ulta today. Looks like they have a wicked little palette I have my eye on but I’m not feeling the near $20 price tag for it!


But ya never know, I could be tempted.

Take a look, tell me what you think!


Pop Beauty Butterfly Bronze Blush Sunblossom for Spring 2012

I know, we don’t need more highlighting powders but how can we resist the beauty of Pop’s Butterfly Bronze Blush for Spring.

Made up of half brozner and half blush powder this little face powder makes wearing bronze easy by allowing you to add a flush of blush to the mix to brighten up skin.

The skin perfecting powder warms skin up with a touch of shimmering shade of honey bronzer and refreshes your face with a dash of pink blush.

Of course, the butterfly imprint makes it all the more tempting!

Available now at Ulta and Ulta.com for $26.