Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Shade Eyeshadow the Perfect Compliment to Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer?

Pop Beauty Eye Primer

What do you when your eye primer is a fail?

Make it WINNING by introducing a new line of eyeshadows to go along with it!

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Pop Beauty Bare Texture Kit ASOS Exclusive

Pop Beauty Bare Texture Kit ASOS Exclusive 2

I fear the Pop Beauty Bare Texture Kit is tempting me oh so badly at the moment. The set is available exclusively from ASOS and sports a rather affordable $37 particularly since it looks massive, so hey, at this price, I’m loving it!


Pop Beauty Sun Bronzer Pop Beauty LolliPOP Kit for Spring 2011

Pop Beauty Spring 2011

Pop Beauty introduces a new palette and a new bronzer for Spring 2011.

Let’s have a look!


Pop Beauty Holiday Collection 2010

Pop Beauty

Pop Beauty doesn’t always have fantastic quality products and sometimes things can be hit or miss but props to them for creating really fun palettes. I, for one, adore seeing their new releases because they are just so funky and fun. Their Holiday Collection for 2010 takes on the theme of a jigsaw puzzle so you can imagine what kind of palettes you can get out of this!

Check it!


Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon Gloss Set Review and Swatches

Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon Gloss Set 1

I admit my personality is such a major study in contradiction when it comes to pot lipglosses. On one side, I absolutely love cute pots of gloss but my other side reminds me how gross it is to stick my finger in for application, how untidy they are, and how they do not travel well.


I love them so.

A few Summers ago I got some Flirt! Candy Stripes Glossy Lip Palettes and I gotta say they turned into one my very favorite products. They created some super gorgeous lips looks! I adored mixing and matching the colors and it seemed like every look I did with them was an awesome one.

Fast forward, present day, I hauled a Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon Gloss Set because it was 1. cheap as day old chips and 2. it reminded me so much of my beloved and long gone Candy Stripes Glossy Lips Palettes.

Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon Gloss Set 8

Take a look!