POP Beauty and PIXI Warehouse Sale

Pixi Pop Warehouse Sale1

OMG so jealous that everyone in California can take full advantage of the Pop Beauty and Pixi Warehouse sale happening May 20th. The sale will feature tons of stuff including some great picks for Summer such as bronzers and high sheen glosses.

Best part about the sale? Prices range from $1-$5!!!!!!!!

So lock in the date, the time, and the place and don’t forget to be there for some fab steals and deals!

Pop Beauty and Pixi Warehouse Sale
Thursday, May 20th
POP/PIXI Beauty Offices
6065 Bristol Parkway
Suite 100
Culver City, CA 90230

Happy Hauling!  Wish I could be there sniff!

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Pop Beauty Petal Jam Lip Balm Review and Swatches

Pop Beauty Petal Jam Lip Balm 12

Several weeks ago I came across Pop Beauty Petal Jam Lip Balm and couldn’t resist the sweet little jam jars that the product came in. Seriously? Lip Jam? OMG the cuteness.

Have a little jump to discover what I thought about the Pop Beauty Petal Jam Lip Balm!

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Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer Review and Swatches

I’m a die hard Urban Decay Primer Potion fan so every time I try a new primer I’m pretty damn critical of it and I’m left nitpicking it apart and comparing it to my beloved UDPP.

I recently purchased Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer on a whim even though I KNEW I’d never give up on my Primer Potion but hey variety is the spice of life right? Might as well try something new once and a while.

Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer 1

Was it good?

Find out after the jump!

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Wants It: Pop Beauty Lip Petal Jam

Pop Beauty Lip Petal Jam

My best friend Libby who’s quite English and quite proper slathers just about everything in jam, particularly her toast. Typically it’s not a tea and toast day if she doesn’t have a pile of some jam on her bread. Kinda reminds me of dear old Paddington Bear and his obsessive love of marmalade, seriously how many bears do you know that love marmalade, WTH is that all about?

Fact is I’ve developed the equally bad habit of smearing grape jam on my toast when I’m enjoying my morning cuppa, I’m saying I caught the bug from Libs.

If you’re a lover of jam you’ll be yearning to grab yourself some Pop Beauty Petal Jam! OMG cutes!

Check ‘em!

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The Muse’s Year End Review 2009: The Muse’s Fav Blushes


If you’ve been with the Muse for a while (aren’t you special?) you know that I normally do my Year End Review in a single post.  This year I thought I’d so several posts for each individual category in the realms of beauty.

Some of my favs were released in 2009 while others are old favorites that continue to impress me and make my list year after year so expect to see new and old favs pop up on each list.

And let the Muse’s Year End Review commence with the Muse’s Fav Blushes from 2009.

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