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Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures Palette Review & Swatches

Are you going to see Beautiful Creatures tonight? Today I’m celebrating the launch of the movie with the Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures Palette inspired by the film.

This gorgeous palette contains eight shades of shadow, gloss, and a lipliner all in colors inspired by the film and book, Beautiful Creatures.

Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures Palette 53

The best part? The sweet $39 price tag!

Take a look!


Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures Collection for Spring 2013

I remember reading Beautiful Creatures in the Fall of 2010 I believe. If I recall correctly it was introduced to me via an Amazon recommendation.

I’m a lover of many types of books. If it has words on it, I’ll read it. YA happens to one of the genres I do dabble my toes in occasionally however, it has to be good YA for me to actually enjoy it because let’s face it, fluffy literature is sometimes great fun!

Needless to say Beautiful Creatures was one of those novels that captivates the imagination. I found myself picturing the gothic south in my head the way Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl wrote it.

Flash forward to 2013 and Beautiful Creatures is being made into a movie. But…unfortunately, the actors playing these characters I fell in love with in the book aren’t exactly how I pictured them in my minds on. But hey, at least we get Jeremy Irons.

Oh and a Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures Makeup Collection. That helps…!


Pur Minerals Holiday 2012 Gift Sets

Looks like Pur Minerals has some very nice Gift Sets releasing for Holiday 2012. One of which includes their new Lip Gloss Sticks that I’ve been meaning to try!

Now’s my chance!


Pur Minerals Gloss Stick

It’ll be a little while before Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm launches in new shades for Summer but hey, we got Pur Minerals new Gloss Stick to keep us happy for a hot flash while we wait.

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Pur Minerals Cream Eyeshadow You Will Be Mine!

Being a mush for cream eyeshadows I’m all about checking out the new Pur Minerals Cream Eyeshadow.

Come here darlin’, you know you want me.