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Pur Minerals Super Shot

It’s a little too early to start stalking Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, I’m not quite ready for True Blood until the Summer heat sets in but I can tell you that I’m all ABOUT me some Joel Kinnaman.

It totes the Swede invasion around here lately…

Me likey.

But on to the beauty girls (and guys)….


Pur Minerals Cease Crease

With Primer Potion not quite up to standards lately I’m on the hunt for a new shadow primer. Pur Minerals isn’t exactly on my radar but I found it interesting they have a brand new primer for shadows.

I don’t believe they’ve ventured into the eyeshadow primer world prior to this!

Pur Minerals Cease Crease promises to stop creasing while locking shadow into place. Interesting enough they say their version of a shadow primer tightens skin which smooths the lid area which in turn prevents creasing. It creates an oil-resistant barrier so color remains smooth all day. Sounds ideal for oily lids!

Count me curious.

This one is $18 and available now at Ulta.

Anyone try?

Do share!


Pur Minerals Natural Knockout Set Review, Swatches, Photos

Over the weekend, I was willing to try out something new….

Imma tell you about what my mates deem a culinary delight, that’d be chocolate covered bacon. My friend Libs is here visiting from London to celebrate our best friend’s birthday and she brought chocolate covered bacon along with her for the trip. Damn you British people are strange folk (kiddin’).

I’m not much for bacon so dipping it into chocolate isn’t going to really win me over here. Seriously, chocolate covered bacon is all kinds of disgusting, no matter how much Libby will preach the bible about it to ya. Of course, she won over everyone but me with it…*shrug*

If you absolutely need to try it for yourself, you can get the non-British variety at Marini’s Candies who sells it in a gift box for $12.95 because pieces of fried pig fat look fancier when it’s in a gold gift box and covered with chocolate. Yay!

In the spirit of trying new things I picked up Pur Minerals Natural Knockout Set, ya know, because I needed to wash the taste of chocolate bacon out of my mouth….



Pur Minerals Petal Pout Lip Gloss Collection

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Pur Minerals Work It Off

Pur Minerals introduces their new Work It Off Serum to reveal your best skin! I think I need it in my life.

Check it!