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Rain Cosmetics Blood, Sweat & Tears Review & Swatches

Rain Cosmetics introduced a very interesting selection of lip products recently entitled Blood, Sweat, & Tears. Blood is a red lip stain, Sweat is shimmer gold overcoat, and Tears is a clear gloss. The products are sold separately for $12 each however for the best results you’ll want to purchase all three for $30.

Take a peek!


Rain Cosmetics Blood, Sweat, & Tears Collection

Blood, Sweat, and Tears…that’s what it takes to run a blog like Musings. I’ve always felt like Musings was a piece of cake to create/do/update/etc…but the past year or two alot more hard work goes into it than I’d ever would have imagined.

It’s like a marriage. I really have to commit to it, treat it well (less it’s server or database goes all wonky on me), and put alot of love and attention into it so it succeeds.

The new Rain Cosmetics Blood, Sweat, & Tears Collection celebrates the hard work you put into looking fabulous or perhaps the hard work you put into your blog to make it look brilliant *wink*.



Beauty Discovery: Rain Cosmetics Raindrop All Natural Lip Therapy Review

Imma love me some funky cool packaging!

Rain Cosmetics has this brilliant little RainDrop All Natural Lip Therapy that comes housed in a tear drop (or rain drop if you will) shaped packaging. My inner kid is running around getting all excited about the packaging.

And dude, it kinda tastes like car air freshener….but in a good way. Is that weird? ’67 Impala air freshener smell. My cousin had a Monte Carlo when I was growing up aka pimp mobile. And all I can remember about that car (I was probably five at the time or so) is the fact that it smelled like coconuts and had some major Playboy accessories going on like lock buttons with the Playboy Bunny on them….wow….

I dunno what happened but he’s bald now with three beautiful children whom I adore, I guess the Playboy angle didn’t work out.

Warning: There are minor references and fan girl moments after the jump that bring Rain into the discussion. And not the kind that comes from nature.