What If Sephora Sold Drugstore Makeup?

sephora ulta drugstore makeup

One major advantage Ulta has over Sephora is the fact they sell drugstore makeup! Although I don’t really like shopping at Ulta all that much because I don’t really like the lay out of the store (I feel like I can never find anything) and I also dislike they carry don’t carry a bigger selection of both mid-range and high-range brands. They have a great deal of variety yes, but it seems like Sephora has way more brands to choose from. When I think of Ulta, the only mid-range that come to mind are Bare Minerals, Benefit, Urban Decay, and Too Faced….!

What if, like Ulta, Sephora sold drugstore makeup?

How would you feel about?

In France, Sephora sells the entire L’Oreal Makeup Collection! I mean you can pick up Miss Manga Mascara along with your favorite Guerlain foundation!

Do you think it would take away from the quality of the store if Sephora did start selling drugstore brands? Would it make less about luxury for you?


La Maison du Chocolat for Sephora Collection for Valentine’s Day

La Maison du Chocolat for Sephora

Ahh chocolate and makeup never was their a marriage most wonderful as this! This Valentine’s Day, might I suggest the La Maison du Chocolat for Sephora Collection? Perhaps drop a hint or two to that special someone so you can get both your makeup and your chocolate fix yes?


Cinema Secrets Now Sold at Sephora

cinema secrets sephora

Cinema Secrets is now sold at Sephora! If you haven’t tried Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner it is life changing! I’ve never reviewed it here but it’s one of the best makeup brush cleansers I’ve had the pleasure of using and I highly recommend it!

It’s a weird and interesting formula as you dip brushes into it and instantly it dissolves makeup and grim off brushes. After removing the brush from the solution your brushes will feel almost dry! It’s difficult to explain but really quite a great cleanser that really de-mucks brushes and gets them super clean!

Needless to say I LOVE that Sephora sells Cinema Secrets as it’s a little difficult to come by sometimes and demands online ordering. Being able to walk into Sephora and stock up makes me a happy girl!

Get your Cinema Secret now at Sephora and


Spring 2015 Beauty Trends: Contouring 101

Spring 2015 Beauty Trends

Apparently Spring 2015 Beauty Trends are all about Contouring 101! There are so many contour palettes and products launching right now that promise to make contouring your face an easy breezy experience. NYX even has a new six pan cream contour palette that’s launching now in drugstores!

I don’t technically contour although I should since I have a round face! I do think some of the new palettes launching with easy to follow instructions are tempting enough to make me want to learn.

Here’s a selection of some of the hottest Spring 2015 Beauty Trend Contouring products you can get your makeup loving hands on!


Sephora + Pantone Marsala Layering Lip Collection Review & Swatches

Sephora + Pantone Marsala Layering Lip Set

The Sephora + Pantone Marsala Layering Lip Collection ($28) is a 5 piece set of chubby, nude lip pencils that were created to complement the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala.

I debated myself for a moment about the lack of Marsala-like shades in the Sephora + Pantone Marsala Layering Lip Collection but finally just admitted that I actually liked it was a selection of nude colors, most of which, worked for me.

Let’s take a look!