Sephora Cabana Cutie Kit Review & Swatches

Sephora Cabana Cutie Kit

If you haven’t tried Color Reveal Lip Balm now is a good time to do so with the Sephora Cabana Cutie Kit. This includes a full size Sephora Color Reveal Lip Balm as well as a MicroSmooth Baked Bronzer Duo in Honey Heat for quickie Summer looks!

Sephora Cabana Cutie Set

Take a peek!


Sephora’s Cabana Cutie

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Sephora Pro Visionary Lash Fan Brush Review

Sephora Pro Visionary Lash Fan Brush Summer 2013

Look mom I can tight line now thanks to the Sephora Pro Visionary Lash Fan Brush #220! The new Pro Visionary Lash Fan Brush is a whooping $18 bucks and so tiny I cringed a little when I thought about dishing out $20 for it (thankfully I didn’t have to but STILL!).

I mean I have no problems paying big $$$ for good brushes. I think spending money on good brushes is quite important as they’ll serve you well through your application.

But this is such a tiny brush I was a little worried about the cost!

But I promise that $18 is well worth it.

YOU NEED this!


Sephora Tattoo Me! Review & Swatches

Sephora Tattoo Me!

I like silly stuff so that must be why the Sephora Tattoo Me! ($8) tickles my funny bone. I remember as a child have any number of stamps one of which was the Poochie stamp. I dunno if anyone remembers Poochie but she was a little white dog with pink paws and ears. Her paws happened to have built in stamps that you could stamp onto paper or even your skin as a tattoo of sorts.

Needless to say my little girl self though this was all kinds of amazing.


Maybe that’s why the Sephora Tattoo Me! is so terribly exciting.


Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream Review & Swatches

Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream SPF 20

Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream SPF 20 ($26) recently launched in six shades. So if you’re one of those folks that might not fit into the self adjusting CC Cream range Sephora’s version will give you a few options for color.

You’ll see a harder push for CC Creams in drugstores come the Fall but right now Summer rules supreme for mid range and higher end brands that are hitting CC Creams hard. Although at the moment the CC Creams I have tried here in the US are nice enough I’m still really liking what I see from Asia and have come across a good deal of great options from our Korean brand friends.

Sephora’s CC Cream option comes as a surprise as I didn’t really expect them to embrace the trend so quickly. They, like many brands, have skipped completely over the BB Cream craze and just headed right into releasing a CC Cream. I was ever so slightly shocked at the $26 price tag I must admit and that rather low SPF 20.

But I tested it out and here’s what I think!