Sephora Harmony Face Powder Let’s Dance Review & Swatches

Sephora Harmony Face Powder Lets Dance 1

Don’t quote me but I could have sworn the new Sephora Harmony Powder was available in two shades but since the new Sephora website launched, I can’t seem to find the other shade.

I’m having one of my senior moments maybe.

This is multi-purpose face powder with tangerine-inspired hues according to Sephora but honestly, inspired is the keyword here as there really isn’t a whole lot of tangerine going on here, merely soft peachy shades of color.

Take a look!


Tangerines for my Eyes!

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Yay or Nay: Sephora’s New Website

new sephora website

Good morning world!

How was your weekend? Your Easter?

I’m feeling terribly weekend hung over. I think a nap under my desk is in order. But we all know that isn’t going to happen, just another manic Monday around here.

At least my day starts wonderfully with a glance at the new Sephora website.

Change, I hates it but what do you think of the new site?


Sephora Crystal Gloss Flushed, Golden Embrace, Forbidden Move, Passionate Dance Swatches

Sephora Crystal Gloss Flushed Golden Embrace Forbidden Move Passionate Dance Swatches 1

A little Sephora Crystal Gloss today in tangerine inspires shades, yes?

I know, I know, I’ve forced fed you plenty of Pantone madness over the last two weeks.

Do you love it?

Or is the Color of the Year simply not your shade?

I’m trying to pull it off but honestly peach and coral works better for my skin tone than tangerine orange but hey, who’s to say I can’t wear it? It’s the fun you have attempting to pull it off that makes things exciting.


Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Blush Duo Review & Swatches

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Blush Duo 1

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Blush Duo is a lovely split design that houses not one but two blushes. This is interesting one as the shades are the same here but the finish is different.

Of course, being me, I have to nit pick everything apart. Maybe a lighter shade and a darker shade would have been nicer rather than including two of the same shades.


Just a thought.

Here’s my word on the new Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Blush Duo.