Sephora Face Mask Review

Sephora Face Masks

The Sephora Face Mask Collection is a new eight formula permanent face sheet mask launch that arrived this Spring online and in stores for $6 each or grab up the Sephora Paper Mask Discovery Set which includes five masks for $24.

I happen to be a massive face mask fan girl! I love Asian Sheet Masks with a passion and use them two or three times a week. There are such a vast array of masks available in Korea and Japan plus they are very, very cheap.

It’s nice to see that the US market is slowly catching up to the sheet mask craze but still we are slow going and it’s not like you can head to your local drugstore and pick up a bunch of sheet masks as easily as you could if you were in a Korean drugstore.

None the less I love that Sephora has an entire range of Face Masks now to choose from and they even have a buy 4 get 1 free promotion on going at the moment but…


Sephora Lip Mixology Palette for Summer 2015

Sephora Lip Mixology Palette

I dunno about you but I love to mix! I’m like a little mad scientist when it comes to mixing and matching lipsticks and glosses. I just like creating new shades even though more often than not they end up looking muddy at times ha!

The new Sephora Lip Mixology Palette for Summer 2015 gives you that options to become your very own Herbert West with a selection of lip shades you can mix, combine, and cocktail to create an endless array of colors for your pout!


Sephora 15% Off VIB Rouge Event

sephora 15 rouge event

Get 15% Off your purchase at using ROUGELOVE for Sephora Rouge members this week (ends April 21st)!

Happy Shopping!

Share your wish lists!

Eager to hear what you’re planning to haul!

sephora 15 rouge event 2


Craig and Karl x Sephora Makeup Collection for Summer 2015

Sephora Craig & Karl Felt Eyeliner Set

In a very exciting collaboration (or at least I think it is) graphicartists, Craig and Karl, have collaborated with Sephora to create a vibrant, boldly colored collection for Summer 2015!

The Craig and Karl x Sephora Makeup Collection for Summer 2015 will be available shortly in store but now you can grab it online if you can’t wait!


Coachella 2015 Beauty Survival Guide

Coachella 2015 Beauty Survival Guide

Attending Coachella 2015? Lucky you! Or maybe not so lucky (it can be both rewarding, scary, and HOT)! Coachella is something you should experience once in your life (or maybe twenty times in your life time if you can get pass the first time that is!) with an incredible round up of some of the most amazing music you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing.

However, to survive it you’ll need a round up of beauty essentials to help get you through the unbearable heat while looking your prettiest.