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Sugar Blend Full Coverage Cream Concealer Review & Swatches

Sugar Blend Full Coverage Cream Concealer

I recently picked up Sugar Blend Full Coverage Cream Concealer ($10) online at Kohl’s as a completely random purchase! I was having a little case of nostalgia when I purchased this as one of my first Sephora experiences many, many, many years ago was a Sugar Cosmetics one.

Yes, true story, Sephora used to carry the entire Sugar Cosmetics range. At the time it seemed like the height of awesomeness and I still remember how crazy excited I was about their Sweet Cheeks Baked Blushes! That seems like literally centuries ago!

None the less it’s nice to see that some variation of Sugar is still alive and kicking (and at as local as your neighborhood Kohl’s).


Cheap Beauty Drugstore Thrills

beauty budget cheap

Ready for some cheap beauty drugstore thrills? This one contains some new Flower Lip Suede Chubby Lip Pencils, Pantene’s new Cleansing Conditioner, some Wet n Wild picks, and more all under $10 bucks.

Take a peek!


Sugar Cosmetics at Walgreens

Sugar Cosmetics 1

Just for the record I remember a time when Sugar was sold at Sephora! But now you can get Sugar at Walgreens! First Bourjois Paris at Walgreens now Sugar?!

What the what?

I actually thought Sugar was defunct so surprised was I when I ran across it at (it’s not sold in stores, online only).

Mind you it isn’t a massive selection but they have some cream eyeshadows, gloss, even a palette or two.

Who knew?

If you missed the brand now you can grab it at

P.S. Enjoy 25% off your total makeup and beauty purchase using promo code Beauty25.

Tell me I’m not old and you remember Sugar at Sephora?


Steals and Deals: Sugar Cosmetics for .99 Cents

Sugar Cosmetics 11

Golly, the Muse kinda misses Sugar Cosmetics. They sure did have some fab finds in my humble opinion. Like those awesome baked blushes! Remember those?

If you haven’t quite gotten your Sugar fix on allow me to give you the chance on the cheap. We like cheap don’t we?

Snag a limited amount of Sugar Cosmetics for .99 cents on the Sugar website. They are pretty much clearing it all up at this point and it’s just a small amount of goodies but none the less it’s a buck….a buck is a buck right?

Check it, these bits are worthy of your change.

Sugar Cosmetics 4

Sugar Cosmetics 3

Sugar Cosmetics 2

Sugar Cosmetics 1

I snagged a few of the Plump It Up Glosses and other bits to stick in my little cousin’s Christmas stocking…ok, ok…I admit I also grabbed one or two for me.

If you’re lemming some Sugar check it out at


Steal It Again: Sugar Sweet Cheeks Baked Blush

The Muse feels like a broken record but she must tell you that you can steal Sugar Sweet Cheeks Baked Blush yet again at Sephora!

Sugar Sweet Cheeks Baked Blush was one of those fab beauty finds that the Muse is so properly happy graces her collection. She’s been known to rave about it a time or two in past posts. Sephora has been busy restocking all of the Sugar line to rid themselves of stock. It’s reduced 50% off! If you didn’t catch them the first time you can again get them for $12 USD!

So go now and steal Sugar Sweet Cheeks Baked Blush!

If you missed my review of these fine blushes and want a few swatches have a look over yonder.

Or blather about how much you love them in my comment box.

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