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Gently Flushed Summer Cheeks: Susan Posnick ColorMe Review

If you’re looking for a gentle flush of color this Summer that mimics that of NARS Orgasm do check out Susan Posnick ColorMe Blush in Camelia.

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Susan Posnick ColorMe Blush is an easy to apply face color for cheeks or eyes. It comes in a cute travel friendly self-dispensing pot with attached puff and a mirror for application!

This mineral blush isn’t richly pigmented but it has enough of a peachy, pink glow to leave cheeks gently flushed with a hint of color that’s both natural and pretty. Application is a breeze with the puff which distributes just enough product on cheeks. The finish of the blush has a tiny bit of a golden sparkle that’s very flattering for fresher, Summer color. The color Camelia is a pinky, peach blend that’s much like NARS Orgasm minus the slightly iridescence of the NARS version. The shade was inspired by Nicole Kidman and it’s easy to see that it would be an ideal and flattering shade for those who sport as creamy a complexion as hers.

The plus side of the packaging is it allows for easy application of a loose, mineral blush minus the tapping, swirling, and buffing drama. Simply tap the attached puff onto cheeks for application and done! Simple! The product is enclosed inside it’s jar without every having to touch a brush.

Although the finish result isn’t dramatic it’s the simplicity that captures the eye. With an every so slight sparkle and a pinch of pink and peach it makes for an ideal natural, fresh makeup look for Summer.


Susan Posnick ColorMe Blush is available in seven shades on her website.

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Susan Posnick ColorCorrect Pencil Review, Photos, and Swatches

The Muse seems to function on a few hours of sleep lately. Her schedule is so jammed packed full of this, that, and the other thing. No sleep equals a very tired looking Muse.

Being tired and growing older is NOT a pretty thing. I seriously need 8 hours to look fresh and pretty as a daisy. Failure to get my 8 hours of sleep results in puffy, dark circle ridden eyes. It also happens to make the fine lines under my eyes quite prominent and scary.

Since 8 hour sleep seems like a luxury lately I do the next best thing and reach for a handy, dandy concealer to whisk away all my under eye baggage!

Of course, I’ve been on my adventure for the best concealer around for a while now! Today I’m adding Susan Posnick ColorCorrect Pencil to my line up for making me look pretty as picture.

With a rating of 4.3 on MUA you really don’t have to take the Muse’s word on the power of Susan Posnick Colorcorrect. But you will anyway right? Your Muse loves you!

Pencil concealers aren’t necessarily my bag but this one happens to make big promises and keeps them.

Susan Posnick ColorCorrect is a dual ended brightening and correcting pencil for concealing all those pesky little problems we run into daily such as dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, redness, etc….

Use the lighter end of the pencil for sweeping away fine lines and tired eyes…phew I know I need it (wakey wakey eggs and bakey!). Add a few hours worth of sleep onto eyes with a quick sweep of the moisturizing creamy formula! If you so inclined you can also highlight cheeks and brow bones with the lighter side.

Use the darker end to neutralize and hide away discoloration, dullness, imperfections, and redness!

The Muse likey two products in one!

The formula is nice and creamy so it glides on, blends easily, and leaves behind a flawless finish. I took note that the product “blurs” fine lines and gives an airbrushed effect, likey alot! I think the pencil is ideal for toting around for quickie touch ups on the fly as it works great at freshening up your entire face. I was actually quite comfortable using the dark end on the sides of my nose and blending outward to freshen up my foundation. Why not right? It’s creamy enough to work well at giving your face a much needed wake up call in the late afternoon when all your make up probably melted away under the stress of work! The formula is pigmented enough to hide away light to medium dark circles and works plenty well at erasing baggage woes.

Who needs it?

  • Anyone that wants a lightweight product to travel with for quickie touch ups on the go!
  • Older women who crave a brighter, fresher look to their under eyes!
  • Anyone who sports serious baggage and needs a wake up call.
  • Those with a dry under eye area that crave a moisturizing concealer.
  • Anyone who’s not willing to dish out $40 for a YSL Touche Eclat Pen (this is nearly half the price!)

All in all I think the product made some great promises and kept them all. I liked it alot and it’s making a guest starring appearance in my purse from now on. I’ll definitely consider a repurchase when I run low. One minor compliant is it didn’t come with a sharpener…I dunno why but I always misplace ALL my pencil sharpeners so I like when pencils come with one! Aside from my one minor rant I think it’s well worth checking out as it works fabulously well.

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