Tarina Tarantino

Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Eye Primer and Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Eye Primer

Tarina Tarantino continues to impress with her Sephora Collection by introducing two new eye primers. Rather delightful how updated they are keeping this collection considering Kat Von D own collection only gets seasonal revamps. Since it’s release Tarina’s line has seen updates three to four times already with a few limited edition pieces thrown in the mix of things.

Eye primer junkies may be interested in her new primers!



Sephora Fall 2010 Catalog

Ahhh it’s that special time of the year again kids!

Time for the Sephora Fall 2010 Catalog to drop into your mail box. You can run to the mail box, bring it back to your bedroom, lounge on your bed with a box of bon bons, and slip through each page while drooling all over the place.

God, I love those quiet, special times, don’t you?



Tarina Tarantino Beauty to Launch on QVC

Tarina Tarantino Beauty once exclusive to Sephora may be launching on QVC shortly! Yay! Fans of flex pay and makeup bundles rejoice!

Although I hate QVC’s shipping prices, I do love some of their rather good deals particularly when they bundle up several pieces of product together, I’m hoping to see that with Tarina Tarantino Beauty.

No further info yet but will update as it becomes available. Update: The line will be featured July 16th on QVC please visit this link to get further information.

Whatcha think?

Would you buy it from QVC?

Have you consumed today’s ?



Tarina Tarantino Makeup Fall Collection 2010: Tarina Tarantino Starchild Odyssey Palette and Tarina Tarantino Starchild Odyssey Magic Hour Cream Shadow


Hope everyone had a long, restful weekend!

Shall we start the morning right with new offerings from the Tarina Tarantino Makeup Collection?

I think so!



New in Beauty: Tarte, Maybelline, Benefit Cosmetics, and More!

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend and spoiled your dear old dad! I thought we’d start Monday morning off with some fabulously fantastic new in beauty goodies.

Take a look and let me know any new stuff you’ve seen at your local Ulta, drugstores, Sephora, or counters!

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