Tarte Shining Stars Best Sellers Collection

Tarte Shining Stars Best Sellers Collection Holiday 2011

So who was crazy enough to order a Kindle Fire this morning?

I’m on the verge.

I need to step back from that ledge. I already own an iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Color Nook do I really need a Fire too? Ugh, I’m saying yes?! Am I giving you a contact high?

I also need Tarte Shining Stars Best Sellers Collection to go along with my new Fire. Makeup and books, I could live off of that combo!



Tarte Cosmetics Holiday 2011 Collection

Tarte Holiday 20111

The Tarte The Starlet Makeup Vanity for Tarte Holiday 2011 deserved its own post, hot damn that’s a nice palette. If you haven’t checked it out yet click here.

But there is more to Tarte Holiday 2011, let’s check it out!



Tarte The Starlet Makeup Vanity for Holiday 2011

Tarte The Starlet Makeup Vanity

Happy Haul-a-days people! Not holidays, haul-a-days because that’s what us makeup junkies do around the Holidays, we haul makeup, HARD!

And we’ll def want ourselves the new Tarte The Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity for Holiday 2011.

I LOVE it!



Tarte for True Blood Lip Surgence Review, Swatches, Photos

Tarte for True Blood Lip Surgence 001

So whatcha think of True Blood’s Season Finale? Or better yet this year’s season?

Personally, they jumped the gun so damn much it’s not even funny….

But hey, if nothing at all, that was an entertaining Summer.

I gotta admit Marcus Bozeman had such potential until Alcide crushed him. Did he have a little bit of sexy going on or am I just weird?

*shrug* Seems hawt to me.

Marcus True Blood

Speaking of all good things True Blood anyone haul the Tarte for True Blood Lip Surgence?



Tarte Soft & Smoky Color Collection Ulta Exclusive Color Details

Tarte Soft Smoky 5 Piece Color Collection

Sorry guys!

I’m having one of those weeks. Between the insanity at my office, all the great folks in town I need to meet up with during Fashion Week, and my already crazy life, I’m kinda on the verge of a mental shut down.

I just wanted to verify deets for you about the Tarte Soft & Smoky Ulta Exclusive Set.

The blush, liner, lipgloss, and other goodies are completely different from Tarte 8th World of Wonder Best of the Amazon 7 Piece Clay Collection QVC Exclusive October Auto Delivery.

Now the blush, Wow, appears to be a deeper shade of Glisten (includes with the World of Wonder original shipment) so you may feel that’s a dupe of a shade you already own as well.

Just wanted to give you the deets so there isn’t any confusion!

Good Luck finding the set if you are lemming it (it’s sold out already online), it’s getting alot of raves!