What to Purchase During Sephora Friends and Family 2011: The Palette Edition

With Sephora Friends and Family 2011 in full force here are some helpful hints on which palettes are worth the haul.

Love them or hate them you can’t deny that palettes are where you get the most bang for your buck. You can spend $25 on a single blush or you can indulge in a palette that will range from $39-$55 that includes several blushes, several eyeshadows, and possibly more.

Of course, palettes suffer downfalls sometimes and quality isn’t always up to par with the standard line of cosmetics offered by your favorite brands plus let’s not forget contending with creams and powders in one cramped place. But if you can get passed the drama of palettes you’re in for a treat because darling they do so offer the very best bang for your buck.

Here are some suggestions and recommendations for the best palettes to snatch up during Sephora Friends and Family 2011 since 20% off sweetens the deal even further doesn’t it?



Steal This: Tarte Ring It In Cheek Stain Trio

Let’s face it, some of us are in serious denial that Tarte didn’t gift us with their traditional Cheek Stain Trio this year.


How could they? Hey, give them props for creating the stupid brilliant Vanity Makeup Case. Betcha they were so busy creating that awesomeness that they simply didn’t have time to get together a trio of cheek stains, don’t hate.

For those who already own a million of their Cheek Stains this post need not apply but those new to the brand can indulge in Tarte Holiday 2010’s Ring It In Cheek Stain Set.

This set includes a cocktail ring plus three Tarte Cheek Stains in:

  • Vivid (vibrant rosy pink)
  • Luster (peach champagne)
  • Flawless (soft peachy pink)

The set is $25 plus knock that sweet 20% off for a break down of $20 bucks.


Available at Sephora.com

Need the low down and swatches? No problem, click right here!

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Tarte Puttin’ On The Glitz Color Collection & Purse

The Tarte Puttin’ On The Glitz Limited-Edition Color Collection & Purse looks like an Ulta Exclusive…damn, Tarte Holiday 2011 is slaying me.


Take a look.


Tarte Treat Me Right Maracuja Hydrating Lip Oil Collection

Josie has taking to injecting Argan Oil into all her cosmetics…

Tarte…they’ll be infusing their cosmetics with Maracuja Oil now!


tarte Amazonian Clay Passort to the Amazon Collection

Tarte has a new Amazonian Clay Collection on QVC today. The tarte Amazonian Clay Passport to the Amazon Collection is $48 and contains a slew of delicious Tarte products that may make a nice gift for a friend for the Holiday (QVC offers returns up until January 31st on all gift purchases, sweet eh?).

Take a look!