Tokidoki Arte Palette for Holiday 2011

TokiDoki Art Palettes for Tokidoki Holiday 2011

Tokidoki has released four brand new, budget friendly Arte Palettes for their Holiday 2011 Collection entitled 24 Karat.

Let’s check them out, you’re going to love the sweet price tag!



Tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette 001

As you know the TokoDoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palettes have gone on clearance at Sephora (Yay for makeup on sale). As cute as these are I didn’t really love them as much as I do the newer limited edition Cromatico Palettes that Sephora has started doing.

Let’s break it down….

The original palettes featured four shades of shadow, a charm, and a smaller cube packaging. The newer palettes feature six shades of shadow, a smaller charm, and a larger cardboard style packaging.

Although bigger in size, I find the new Cromatico Palettes cuter plus I actually like the addition of two more shades of shadow.

Which do you prefer?

Old version or new?

For Fall 2011 the Tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette takes to the jungle for a safari adventure in the rough and tough terrain.



Steal This: TokiDoki Vanita Mirror

TokiDoki Vanita Mirror 002

The TokiDoki Vanita Mirror is available at Sephora and right now for $15.

I recently purchased one of these at the sale price and I’m pretty darn impressed. The mirror is a heavy metal design and features a Tokidoki etched design on the cover with a regular mirror on one side of the compact and a magnified mirror (3x) on the other side.

You can choose from the following designs:

  • 24 Karat
  • Kabuki
  • Kaiten

TokiDoki Vanita Mirror 003

TokiDoki Vanita Mirror 004

TokiDoki Vanita Mirror 001

Very well worth the haul!


Tokidoki for Sepohora Fall 2011 Tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette

Tokidoki Makeup Fall 2011

I’m getting a little antsy to rush through Summer so I can indulge in all the new Fall Collections releasing! Particularly Tokidoki Fall 2011 which looks cute as sin!

But most important I want to jump to late August because rumor is that’s when the new season of the Guild is coming atcha! Can’t wait squee!

But…about that Tokidoki Fall Collection.

Check it!


Review, Swatches: Tokidoki Prisma Gloss in Burger, Fast Food without the Fat!

Tokidoki Prisma Gloss in Burger001

Tokidoki took it’s popular Prisma Gloss and introduced four new shades plus slashed the price to a mere $7.

Loves it!