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Daily Dose of Beauty: Too Faced Love Lisa Lip Balm

Too Faced Love Lisa Lip Balm is infused with soothing orange essential oils and has an SPF 15 plus hello super cute packaging! But that’s isn’t all…

Too Faced Love Lisa

This balm was inspired by Too Faced Founder, Jerrod Blandino’s sister, Lisa, who is battling Stage 4 Melanoma. A huge portion from the sale of Love Lisa Lip Balm goes to the Too Faced Love Lisa Melanoma Research Foundation Grant to help find a cure for this deadly disease.

Too Faced Love Lisa SPF 15 Lip Balm retails for $16.00 and is available from

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Daily Product Babble: Too Faced Glamour Gloss

Daily Product Babble

Hey chicklets!

So as part of the Too Faced Summer Collection 2010 they really went all out for lips. I dunno if I’d deem myself a lip girl.

If you’re into cosmetics you totally know what I mean when I say I’m a shadow type of girl. As beauty junkies we love it all but we also love certain aspects of cosmetics more than others. Some of us are lip girls, some deem ourselves shadow girls, while others are skin care girls, and so on and so fourth.

I have to be a color/shadow type of girl so lip products are kinda sorta on the back burner for me.

Now Summer turned into a whole lot of lip loving for Too Faced this year which isn’t really my bag but I gotta say…for someone who adores Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss (yours truly), I’m so hyped over the new Too Faced Glamour Gloss! OMG Loves it.

Wanna babble it with me?



Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer Review

Hey chicklets!

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On to the good stuff….

Anyone try out the new Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer?

Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer 1



Too Faced Glamour Gloss is Crazy Good! Anyone Try Yet?


Too Faced Summer Collection 2010: Too Faced How To Create The Perfect Lip

Too Faced Summer Collection 2010 12

Too Faced Summer Collection 2010 takes an interesting turn with the season and concentrates on lips.

Jump ahead for a peep on How to Create the Perfect Lip with Too Faced!