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Too Faced Lash Injection Antidote Eye Makeup Remover Review


I normally use Sephora Eye Makeup Remover since it’s cheap as day old chips. I can’t really get into the grove of dishing out $26 USD for Lancome Bi-Facil. Although it’s probably the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever tried I really feel like $26 is an over indulgence for something that removes eye makeup!


Hmmmm do you think a hot guy is going to pop out if I peel this off?

Now Too Faced Lash Injection Antidote is just as expensive at $23.50 USD however it’s an entirely different formula in comparison to Bi-Facil and I somehow feel like I am getting a lot more product since I’m using less.

The formula is a cream and you only need a pea size amount for it to work it’s magic and whisk off eye makeup plus waterproof mascara. Too Faced has a possible winner on it’s hands with one flaw that I’ll tell you about in a few.

First of all the packaging on this deserves a big rave. It’s a pump style which I really like. I actually wish that liquids came like this. I know of one remover in liquid form that has a similar style of packaging which is Boots Eye Makeup Remover. I like the idea of pumping a cotton pad full of product rather than tipping the bottle and over saturating a pad with a ton of product I don’t need. In this case I’m pumping the cream onto my finger tips which is fab as I have more control over how much I am using!


This is simple to use and takes very little effort on your part. One pump onto your fingertips, rub around your eye area just as you would do with theBalm Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover that I recently reviewed and swipe off with a cotton pad or some tissue.

Some of you may be worried about rubbing your eye area but this has never been an issue for me. A few people had expressed concern about this with Balms Away as well but I didn’t feel like the rubbing was causing any damage considering the product causes enough friction for a gentle glide rather than full on tugging! We definately want to be as gentle with our eyes as possible, don’t need to be aging before our time now do we?

It does a supremely good job of removing the most difficult mascaras such as Excel’s Mascara which rarely comes off completely no matter what remover I use!

The funky and possibly gross thing about this is you can actually see the mascara and shadow dissolving in chunks off your eye. Mascara sorta rolls off in huge pieces as you rub. Kinda cool in a gross way!

This is actually made for Too Faced’s popular Lash Injection mascara which is pretty difficult to remove! The product works exactly as promised and does a good job at removing everything off your eye however it does burn.

I was disappointed at the burning sensation as I was actually delighted at what a great job it did taking off some of my hardest mascaras! It stings terribly even with my eyes tightly closed and for me that was a flaw I’m unsure I can get over.

The good news is I do actually recommend grabbing some. I think it’s simply a great remover to have around for your toughest mascaras. This isn’t something I’d reach for daily due to the burning sensation however it is a fabulous product to have when you’re wearing hard to remove mascaras and heavy duty eye makeup that you need extra help getting off! In that it succeeds brilliantly with flying colors. If you’re truly sensitive I wouldn’t bother but if you’re ok with a bit of stinging you should be fine!

However, I’m doubtful I’ll use it daily unless they change the formula and make it a bit more gentle to my eye area!

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Summer Must Have Makeup: Too Faced Eyeshadow in Mess in a Dress

My little eye spies a new shade of eyeshadow from Too Faced!

Mess in a Dress!

Love that name! It just rolls off my tongue! Mess in a Dress happens to fall right into my Summer Must Have Makeup bag this season! I love bright, bold shades in the Summer and Mess in a Dress delivers!

I was discussing this not so long ago with my reader and friend, Taryn, she had mentioned what a gorgeous shade it was and how she had her eye on it!

Here it is in all it’s glory:




Dontcha just love loud shades for the Summer? So fun!

The Muse sporting some Mess in a Dress:

Picture+125 400x300

I’m thinking this can multitask as a blush…hmmmm…must try that!

Too Faced in Mess in a Dress is definately on my Summer Must Have Makeup list! Loving it!


Too Faced Summer Collection 2008: Decade of Glamour


C18519 sm

4225 hero

Too Faced is celebrating 10 glamorous years of makeup with it’s Summer 2008 Collection. I’d have thought that an anniversary of 10 years would warrant a bit of a better collection than this but there are a few interesting items you might be interesting in!

Decade of Glamour Kit $40 USD
photo large217

Weighting in at $40 USD the Decade of Glamour Kit gets props from me for being cute but let’s face the facts, it’s a mess waiting to happen. I seen the kit at my local Sephora and it’s adorable but everything is embedded into a cardboard style palette which opens and closes with flap covers. Another words using the powder, glosses, etc…will make for a messy situation once you close the flaps if you’re not careful! There are detachable items in the kit such as a mascara and lip injection Adorable, yes. Conventional, no.

The kit includes:
6 Eyeshadows
2 Lipsticks
2 Lipglosses
1 Bronzing Powder
1 Blush Duo
1 Lash Injection Mascara
1 Lip Injection
1 Beauty Balm

Mineral Water Eye Brightener $18 USD
photo large214

This caught my eye. I’m always looking for ways to refresh my eye area and make me look awake! I have a review ready to post for this shortly!

Single Eyeshadow $16 USD
photo large13

Not sure why but they are re’pimping single eyes shadows….um ok?

Blotting Sheets $12 USD
photo large215

I don’t think these are new either but I’m unsure and I’m not spending $12 bucks on blotting paper anyway!

Tanning Bed in a Tube $21.50 USD
photo large216

And finally in extension to their body tanner they have introduced a bronze cream tanner for the face!

I think I can safely skip it all! Aside from the Mineral Water (see my entry below for a review on this) which I was tempted by and purchased. As for the rest it looks sadly lacking!

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Too Faced Mineral Water Review


Too Faced has a new eye pencil out and available with it’s Summer Collection. The pencil is entitled Mineral Water and is basically a dupe to Benefit’s Eye Bright Pencil.

I picked this up on a whim because my concealer tends to wear off towards the end of the day and this promises to refresh and brighten my eye area up. Benefit’s Eye Bright promises the same thing however the Too Faced version says it’ll also de-puff and improve firmness and elasticity. The de-puff action totally sold me as my eyes have been suffering from puffiness for a while now sadly!



It doesn’t live up too all it claims that’s for sure.

This is actually made up of 35% mineral water and promises to feel refreshing and cooling on the eye area. I was thinking with that much water content in the product that it would be extremely moisturizing and easy to blend. Not the case. After swiping under my eyes with it I didn’t feel much of a cooling feeling and blending was the typical heartache of tugging around a bit to get it all smoothed out.


De-puffing? Naaa that claim definately is false. I experienced nothing in the ways of de-puffing my eyes.

Now the color of this is a nude/beige which is supposed to be flattering on most skin tones but if you want to be realistic this is definately not going to work if you’re tanned, medium, or dark. It’s mostly geared towards a fairer skin type or medium fair.


When all is said and done I’d say that this is probably a nice item to have around for a quick touch up and go. It’s tiny and fits nice and compact in your purse. It’s not a messy liquid and a few swipes from the pencil does indeed cover up tired eyes.

Is it worth the $18 USD price tag? I’m not sure. I like the fact that it’s easy for touching up but it definately doesn’t live up to the hype of de-puffing, improving firmness, making me appear like I had 8 hours of sleep, etc….

This one isn’t Muse Approved for purchase but it is interesting to say the very least and maybe something you want to try out for yourself!

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Too Faced Spring 2008 Collection: Galactic Glam


Too Faced is taking us too a galaxy far, far away with it’s Spring Collection entitled Galactic Glam!

Much of the collection consists of quick fixes such as a new primer, liner and cleanser but some interesting eyeshadows and such have popped up too!

Borderline $18.50 USD
photo large209

This pencil is a colorless stick that keeps your lipgloss from traveling all over your face and down your chin to your cheek…etc….you know what I mean right? It’s been done before but Too Faced decided to jump on the bandwagon and do their very own version! I’m slightly curious. I’ve tried pencils like this before and haven’t had much success to be honest.

Shadow Insurance $17 USD
photo large208

Nothing can tear me away from my Urban Decay Potion Primer not even Too Faced’s new shadow insurance. This primer promises that your eyeshadow will stick all day however I already have my trusty UDPP so I’m not really needing to try anything new plus my primer is $2 bucks cheaper! Ya Boyeeeeeee!

Lip of Luxury $18 USD
photo large207

Now here’s an interesting little lipstick. It’s champagne infused. I wonder what the hell that means? Do you think they inject it with tiny doses of champagne? I’m in if they do! Nothing like a bit of bubbly on the side of my lipstick! I love the cute pink packaging with sparkly diamond topper!

The Hopeless Romantic Quickie Palette $29.50 USD
photo large212

Meh…another quickie chronicle? I don’t really like these too much to be honest as I find them messy! They are ok I guess if I can find them on sale but really to pay full price I’m not interested. The set includes two layers instead of the standard one layer so it’s somewhat unique in that!

Lash Injection Antidote $23.50 USD
photo large206

This is basically formulated to remove Lash Injection but they forget to mention how much Lash Injection sucks! I don’t need a $23.50 mascara remover when the said mascara comes off without any help at all! Lash Injections sheds fibers like a cashmere sweater! You don’t need a remover when it comes off so easily by itself!

Mood Swing $18.50 USD
photo large211

Another lipgloss that promises to be your custom shade of color. Probably doesn’t work. Just my humblest!

Galaxy Glam Eyeshadow $19.50 USD
photo large210

Ahhh the star of the show! Now these are something to get hyper about! These shadows are infused with beautiful swirls of shimmering blues, golds, greens, and pink! They look rather awesome to my eye but I’m a tad bit worried that they won’t give the desired look I’m hoping for and just turn black when on! We shall see!

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