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Topshop Mini Lip Bullet Lipstick Duo Review & Swatches

Topshop Mini Lip Bullet Lipstick Set

Here’s another quick and gorgeous makeup gift for last minute shoppers! The Topshop Mini Lip Bullet Lipstick Duo is $20 bucks and has too crazy pigmented Lip Bullet Lipsticks housed in a gift box ready for gifting.

Slap a bow on this bad boy, sign a card, and gift it away to your fellow makeup lover.


Topshop Lip and Cream Blush Set Review & Swatches

Topshop Lip and Cream Blush Gift Set

Need a quick beauty budget gift? Topshop Lip and Cream Blush Set is the perfect budget friendly beauty gift for making loving friends. This cute, high quality gift set is already housed in its own gift box (slap a box on it and get a card and you’re golden) and includes a Topshop Lips in Wicked and a Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels.

Oh hell just gift it to yourself and call it a day!

Love this!


Top Shop Brow Palette, Yeah, Top Shop Does Brows!

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Topshop The Foundation Review & Swatches

Top Shop The Foundation

Topshop The Foundation is a new serum-like foundation that Topshop launched earlier this Fall with a selection of new facial base products such as primer and concealer. Honestly, if you told me last week I’d be using Topshop The Foundation and loving it, I’d likely have called you a liar.

Although Topshop makeup has been very, very impressive thus far I must say a foundation takes me outside my comfort zone. We’re seeing so many department stores doing makeup collection lately such as H&M and Forever 21, etc….some of the products they get right, others they don’t but foundation is always a sacred product for me and not something I’d think to get at my local clothing store.

But here’s Topshop, proving me wrong.


Top Shop Launches Foundation & Concealer Range

Top Shop The Concealer Palette

Top Shop is creeping into the base makeup range as this week they debuted a new Concealer Palette as well as a liquid Foundation! So yeah, my inner concealer junkie demanded I blog about the new Top Shop Concealers plus that foundation looks pretty darn nifty too!

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