Twilight Beauty

Immortal Twilight Fragrance

Immortal Twilight Fragrance 1

I love me some Twilight as much as the next fan girl but I’ll readily admit that the films did jump into the realms of ridiculous. It’s ok, even Twi’harders can agree the films are fun but all kinds of cra-zees! Oh god those contacts! Groan!

Now I’ll tell you something else that’s stupid silly, the Immortal Twilight Fragrance.

Oy vey!


Post Holiday Steals and Deals on Makeup, Skincare, and Bath and Body

steals and deals

I haven’t been online in a few days so first thing this morning I hopped right on to see what the sales were looking like! I had visions of 50, 60, or 70% off great makeup.

Reality set in rather quickly when I realized most of what was on sale I already owned. I also felt like the steals and deals just weren’t there this year because stores actually ran out of stock super fast unlike last year’s bust of a Christmas due to the economy.

How about you?

Run into any great deals?

Here are some I’ve come across!

P.S. I missed posting these on Boxing Day, forgive a girl?


Twilight Beauty Nox Twilight Nail Polish

Nox Twilight Nail Polish 1

Twi-harders, I know you’re out there even if you’re way to ashamed to admit your status in our little club. If anyone brings up Eric Northman in this post, you shall suffer the wraith of the Muse. Naaa just kidding Eric is hot and stuff (lick-able as well!) but let’s keep on the topic of the delightful little Edward Cullen for the moment. This is not Team Eric or Team Bill and for the record I’m on Team Lafayette, girlfriend is all kinds of hot, but about Twilight….

Twi-harders and nail enthusiasts can jump knee deep into the new Nox Twilight Nail Collection.



New in Beauty: Luna Twilight DuWop Blush Lip Venom

duwop new beauty

Hey chicks!

If DuWop Lip Venom V wasn’t quite your shade, it wasn’t mine either no worries, perhaps you’d like to retry it out in a blushing shade of pink?




Twilight Beauty 20% Off Coupon Code

Twilight Beauty

Well slap me excited. The Twilight Beauty site is on sale kids. I think I predicted this…but don’t quote me on that.

No but seriously now is such a great time for me to finally haul it Edward style because I really haven’t taken the jump as of yet. All that pre-ordering stuff had me running around in circles of anxiety about whether I really needed Twilight Cosmetics in my life until finally the lemming passed me. But now everything on the site is 20% off so I might as well grab it while the grabbing is good right?