Polish Is A Ghoul’s Best Friend Nail Set Or So They Tell Me?

Ulta Polish Is A Ghoul's Best Friend Nail Set

It’s days like this I wish I was a nail girl because how can anyone resist the cuteness that is Ulta’s Polish is a Ghoul’s Best Friend Nail Set? Please get me a dozen for my yearly Halloween bash as I know it’ll make a great pick for the gift bags I give out.

And $8 too?

Get me two dozen!

Includes Shades:

  • Orange You Afraid?
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Ghoul’s Night Out (Glow in the Dark)
  • Witchful Thinking

Available now at Ulta.

P.S. This is Jami’s (you might know her as Bionic Beauty) yearly Halloween display at her house…take note of the graveyard stone (1.52 mark) for Harry Dresden her epic score just went up +10 points. Note to self create really brilliant graveyard stones based on your fandoms for Halloween. Come on Book 16 I’m waiting for you patiently! Make my Halloween by popping up this Fall!



Ulta Fall 2013 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothie Shower Gel

Ulta Fall 2013 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothie Shower Gel

Pumpkins, cinnamon, and apples are the order of business for Fall and maybe a little Ulta 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothie Shower Gels as well in new limited edition Fall fragrances.

Like I need more shower gel….


Ginger & Co A Soap & Glory Dupe?

Ginger & Co

Ginger & Co is a newish company that came under my beauty radar recently due to their whimsical packaging which quite reminded me of a Soap & Glory dupe.

Anyone see these products at their local Ulta yet? I haven’t to be honest but I did see them on Ulta’s website and it was a line that did make me go hmmmmmm!


Ulta Color Coat Cream Eye Shadow for Fall 2013

Ulta Color Coat Cream Eye Shadow

Are you that girl or guy that primes with cream shadows? You might just like Ulta Color Coat Cream Eye Shadow than!

I used to use MAC Shadesticks a lot but I honestly don’t use cream eyeshadows all that much to prep since I’m a chronic Benefit Lemon Aid user and I feel like with that, primer, and eyeshadow it’s a little too much to also put on cream shadow ya know?

But I admit I’m kinda tempted by the new Ulta Color Coat Cream Eye Shadow for not only using as a base for just as a regular creamy shadow as well!

Take a look!


Ulta Design A Line Liner Collection for Summer 2013

Ulta Design A Line Liner Collection

Can’t say I’ve ever tried an Ulta Eyeliner but the Ulta Design A Lin Liner Collection which includes 12 eyeliners is somewhat tempting….! As a child I was always obsessed with crayons and colored pencils so this definitely appeals as it reminds me of a colored pencil set of some sort.

Take a look!