10 Budget Cream Blush Suggestions for Summer

budget cream blushes

Tis the season for cream blushes and I created a list of 10 Budget Cream Blush Suggestions for Summer that will give your cheeks the perfect flush of lightweight color without breaking your beauty budget!

I dunno what it is but when Summer rolls around I start going through my stash and setting aside all my cream blushes so I can wear them more often. Maybe it’s because they tend to be travel friendly and easy to apply without a ton of tools (just dab them on with your fingers and blend out!). Or maybe it’s because they are so lightweight and provide such natural color!

Whatever it is I tend to love wearing cream blush in the Summer.

How about you?


Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick Review & Swatches

Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick

Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick are a new four shade permanent chubby blush and lip pencil that launched recently for the Spring 2015 season. I love the idea behind multitasking, time saving products but I don’t always love actually using them in the way they were designed. Like a cheek and lip pencil sounds like such a time saver and so handy to have in my purse for quickie touch ups but my germ-a-phobic good nature has me slightly curling my lip up at the idea of using one product on both my lips and my cheeks!

Ya know?

But none the less the Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick actually turned out to be a one trick pony (I don’t like they way they wear on my lips so cheeks it is!) which saves me from unfortunately having to use them on both my cheeks and my lips.


Ulta Nude Lipstick Collection for Spring 2015

Ulta Nude Lipstick Collection

The new Ulta Nude Lipstick Collection for Spring 2015 has caught my eye as I’m all about nude, natural lip colors lately. Interesting to see Ulta doing a collection just of nude lippies isn’t it?

Take a look!


Ulta Gilded Gold & Rose Gold Natural Eyeshadow Palettes Launch

ulta rose gold palette

There’s a new Ulta Gilided Gold Natural Eyeshadow Palette as well as a new Ulta Rose Gold Natural Eyeshadow Palette ($20 Each or Buy 2, Get 2 Free) are available now at Ulta and Ulta.com.

These are kinda Ulta’s nod to Urban Decay Naked and could be worth exploring!

Take a look!


Ulta Butter Balm Review & Swatches

Ulta Butter Balm

Ulta Butter Balm is on sale this with for Buy 2, Get 2 at $8 each. I actually purchased a few of these earlier in December and really loved them so now that they are on sale it’s time to go in for a repurchase of other shades!

Although short wearing, Ulta Butter Balm is one of those beautiful treats for drier lips as the formula is so delightfully hydrating.

Take a look!