Ulta Lip Butter Review & Swatches

ulta lip butters

Anyone try the new Ulta Lip Butter ($8)? Available in 10 shades (and two more limited edition Holiday ones), Ulta Lip Butter is a soft, buttery textured balm that delivers color to lips as well as a hydrating formula.

Take a look!


Ulta 2013 Black Friday Deals

Ulta 2013 Black Friday Deals

Ulta 2013 Black Friday Deals are head my dears! As you start gearing up for the Holidays I’m sure Ulta Black Friday offerings are on your list and you might be wondering what sort of steals they’ll have this year.

Take a look below for the details!


Ulta Holiday Edition Lip Butters

Ulta Holiday Edition Lip Butters

I haven’t even gotten a chance to try the regular Ulta Lip Butters now there are Holiday Editions available? Jeepers! Rome and Vienna are two new Ulta Holiday Edition Lip Butter shades that will be available for a limited time this Holiday season.

Rome is a festive berry coral and Vienna is a sparkling golden orange.

These are $8 each and available now at Ulta and Ulta.com.

Guess now is a good time as any to try ’em right?

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Ulta Holiday Lip Balm for Stuffing Stockings

Ulta Holiday Lip Balm

I admit it I think stocking stuffers are way more fun than actual big gifts! And the Ulta Holiday Lip Balm ($3) will be the perfect treat for a few stockings I stuff this year.

Available in three flavors these festive balms have cute little Holiday art work around the tube and the promise of a moisturizing formula to keep lips nice and smooth in the cold weather!


  • Peppermint
  • Vanilla
  • Sugarplum

Stuff ’em stockings for the Holidays!

Available now at Ulta and Ulta.com.

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Ulta Holiday 2013 Beauty Smoothie Body Wash

Ulta Holiday 2013 Beauty Smoothie Body Wash

Cheers to a wonderful Holiday ahead and may your shower stalls all have wonderful smelling goodies in them like the Ulta Holiday 2013 Beauty Smoothie Body Wash Collection!

Three new, limited edition Ulta Holiday 2013 Beauty Smooth Body Washes have launched and I shouldn’t indulge but I can lem from afar. These three in one washes can be used as a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath just like Philosophy’s version. And the best part is Ulta ALWAYS has them on sale so you can purchase two and get two free when they are on sale. Or each is $12.50 so they are a cheap and inexpensive pick up if you want to skip Philosophy’s $16 and up price tag.

Just a disclaimer one of the body washes has spelled macaroon wrong. Anytime this happens in a beauty product I typically spell it the way it appears but the wraith of macaron lovers comes down on my head to tell me I don’t know how to spell, I don’t know what a macaron is, yada, yada, yada….so just a note, I realize it is spelled wrong but this is how Ulta has spelled it thus I am spelling it that way. And yes I realize the difference between the two treats, I have been to France a few times and indulged in many a macaron so at this point I’m as obsessed with them as everyone else. Don’t shoot the messenger…I don’t work for Ulta, I haven’t e-mailed them to inform them of their mistake, and I haven’t vetoed their body washes because of the misspelling. Try not to hurt anyone because of this….all is still right with the universe even though macaron was spelled macaroon. No one was harmed in the making of this post or this body wash.