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Urban Decay Gash Lipstick Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Gash Lipstick 5

Urban Decay Gash Lipstick ($22) only available for a limited time? What?! I need to stock up on several tubes of Urban Decay Gash Lipstick and if you haven’t already…Well, I suggest you do so soon before it disappears.

This beautiful shade is limited edition and available at urbandecay.com until it sells out, once it is gone, it is gone. Although I’ll keep hope alive that Gash returns as permanent at some point!


Urban Decay Summer 2014 Arrives

Urban Decay Summer 2014

Urban Decay Summer 2014 arrives quietly this week. Did anyone see an email about this? Or a tweet? I’m a bit remiss across social media lately so I might have just missed out on Urban Decay tweeting or facebooking the Summer 2014 Collection!

Needless to say the new Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette is showcased in this new collection along with some very tasty eyeliner offerings that I must try considering what a super hardcore Perversion fan girl I am.

Let’s take a look!


Spring Makeup Pick Ups for Under $10

spring budget makeup

It’s officially Spring in a few days kids! So I thought I’d pick out a few Spring Makeup Pick Ups for at or under $10 bucks for ya! These budget friendly picks up give your skin lightweight coverage for a fresher, natural Spring look with pops of sparkling peach and bronze for your face as well as lightweight blush and a hint of aqua for your eyes.

And of course the best part is they are all under $10 bucks.


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New Blushes for Spring 2014

new blushes spring 2014

Truly it’s been the season of the blush this year and there are a slew of new blushes for Spring 2014 to choose from. Brand new shades aside there are also brand new blush products as well which is always exciting.

I happen to be a massive fan of eyeshadow palettes. I love collecting them, I love when my favorite brands release them, and I love using them. But outside of palettes I am most definitely a blush girl! It’s one of my favorite makeup items.

This year several brands have created new shades in your favorite formula and Clinique made a might be splash with their new Cheek Pop Blushes.

Here’s a round up of some of the newest blushes for the Spring 2014 season.


Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette Swatches

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette23

I’m doing a round up of swatches today for the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette. Yeah, you’re pretty excited about Urban Decay Electric aren’t you?

I actually liked the entire Urban Decay Naked thing but let’s face it Urban Decay’s roots lay in their ability to create wild, bold, vibrant shades. Colors that really push the envelope!

Well the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette pushes the letter kids.

Just a note before we get started on swatches….

Please keep in mind that the back of the palette has a fine print warning that Urban, Slowburn, Savage, and Jilted are not intended for the immediate eye area. There’s been discussion (but I have no confirmation of this information) that these shades are approved in EU and Canada but since we live in the US I thought I’d share this information. Please remember to use this palette or any makeup item with proper care and as always at your own discretion and risk. I’m not a medical professional so I can’t advise that these are safe for eye use nor would I recommend them on your eyes due to the warnings. Just be safe and smart when using any makeup.