Urban Decay

Urban Decay Eyeshadows $9 Sale


All the Urban Decay Eyeshadows (vintage formula, not the new formulation) are $9 right now at urbandecay.com

There are also some other cool deals:

  • Lip Love Lipgloss ($4)
  • Pocket Rocket Lipgloss ($6)
  • Lipstick ($8)
  • Lickable Body Powders ($6)

and more….!

Happy Haulin’!


Victoria’s Secret Against Urban Decay’s “Naked” Trademark


Victoria’s Secret Nakeds Palette
doesn’t not evoke my idea of naked, natural shades in all honesty. I said as much in my review. Now if I really wanted to define the naked, natural eye look that award, in my opinion, would go to Urban Decay with their Naked Palette.

However, according to many news sources including dispatch.com, Urban Decay has filed a compliant against Victoria’s Secret for being, well naked.


Urban Decay Decides Not to Sell in China

Urban Decay Not Selling China

Urban Decay released a statement a few weeks ago saying they would be selling their cosmetics in China however, they have since rescinded the idea.

Take a look at their press statement below.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Urban Decay Second Skin Foundation

A little sneak peek of the new Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation caught my eye on Daily Cookie today.

I have no deets about the launch sadly but it’s something I imagine we can look forward to for Fall 2012. Urban Decay excels at creating fairly good base products so count me curious about Naked Skin. I find it exciting that foundations becoming more and more lightweight and use technology that really does mimic a second skin.

I’ll update you as info becomes available.


Is Urban Decay Summer 2012 On The Way?

Urban Decay Summer 2012.

Are you following Urban Decay on Twitter?

Get over there and follow as I think they might be ready to drop the word about Summer 2012. Say hey, and hashtag it #UD68 maybe they’ll be willing to share some deets with you if you’re EXTRA nice!

They sent me a stealthy little token in the mail today….

What do you think it is?

What do you think it means?

I think it’s probably my membership into the Mickey Mouse Club that I’ve been waiting years and years for.