Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Manhunt

The search is on kids!

The Urban Decay Pocket Rock Manhunt search that is!

Urban Decay is searching high and low for the next hottie to grace their popular Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss. Head over to www.urbandecaymanhunt.com submit your boyfriend, your hub, your friend, co-worker, or even your mail man if he’s cute!

Urban Decay are looking for two men to be featured on the next two shades of Urban Decay Pocket Rock Lipglosses. From September 6 through October 15 visitors can vote for their favorite hotties.

The winners will be flown to California, photographed, and featured on the next Pocket Rocket Lipgloss. And of course the person who nominates them, YOU, also get to fly out and some awesome prizes will be at hand for you when you arrive.

3 Runner Ups will also get rewarded as well!

The winners will be announced online on October 22, 2010.

If you’re not submitting a man sign up for the Urban Decay newsletter by clicking here and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Pocket Rocket as Urban Decay is giving away 5 a day!

Good luck! Check out Eric by the way…hello silver fox! Ha and Joe has a great sense of humor!

Anyone capturing your roaming eye?


Yay or Nay: Urban Decay Urban Decay Temporary Tattoos

Hi Guys!

Just a little follow up post to the new Urban Decay Urban Decay Temporary Tattoos as I got some better pictures of the tats included in the set.

Take a look, let me know what you think!

Temp ink?





Urban Decay The Black Palette

Rihanna you’re a beautiful, talented girl but I don’t consider you a rock star sweetheart. My version of rock star leans towards:

But hey, you get props for Slash girl!

Baby, I’m gonna rock you like a hurricane when you see the new Urban Decay The Black Palette.

Maybe we need it so we can be rock stars…..in my dreams with a little help from the palette….we’ll see, could happen.



Urban Decay Body Jewelry Temporary Tattoos

Mmm Urban Decay taking a note from Chanel with the introduction of Body Jewelry Temporary Tattoos!

See updated photos.

Are you up for a little false ink?



Urban Decay Book of Shadows III Available for Purchase Online!

It’s here! It’s here!

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III is on sale at www.urbandecay.com

Better grab it before it’s gone! Update: SOLD OUT in mere MINUTES of them posting it!!!!!!!!!

Throw in a Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Professional Size while you’re at it.

Who’s haulin’!?