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Urban Decay Fall Collection 2010: Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss

Update: See Urban Decay Lip Junkie LipGloss Review and Swatches.

It’s been a while since the Urban Decay gods have gifted us with a lip product hasn’t it (at least we got two new hotties to keep us happy this Summer though right?)? But never fear because 11 shades of Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss, Urban Decay’s newest lipgloss, is in your future Fall makeup wardrobe.

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Urban Decay Fall Collection 2010: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Update: Urban Decay Naked Palette Review and Swatches.

Well dears, this could be what you’ve been waiting for all week.

The deets on the Urban Decay Fall Collection 2010. I knew about some of it earlier this week and it has been so incredibly hard not to SHOUT it out to you but in the end it all works out because it should be launching shortly (possibly today) on Urban Decay’s website and you can shop it for yourselves.

Check out the brand spanking new Urban Decay Naked Palette after the jump!


Beauty Indulgences Under $20

If you want to indulge but simply don’t have the cash to spare this is the post for you. Check out various beauty bits and bobs all under $20. You’ll see many fine steals and deals that will set you back a mere $5 bucks or less.

Happy haulin’! (Btw check out retailmenot.com to find various coupon codes)

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Beauty Secrets: Want The Dirty Lowdown on Urban Decay Fall 2010?

If you’re anything like me you’re already all kinds of excited about what your favorite brands are doing for Fall and Winter 2010…or maybe some of you aren’t as zealous and crazed as the rest of us around here, I doubt such makeup lovers exist…but anyway!

If you’ve been living under a rock you may not realize that the Urban Decay Fall Collection 2010 is on it’s way to you as soon as June 29th, yup, true dat.  Those crazy kids at UD are cooking up Fall and having it arrive shortly.

For the past several days Urban Decay has teased and tantalized with many a fine tweet on what is up in their labs and believe you me looks like it’s some good stuffins.

If you want the skinny on Urban Decay Fall 2010 or you’re just interested in learning what Urban Decay is up to jump ahead for a great way to get in the know before everyone else.



Choosing the Best Facial Primer For Your Skin Type

Some cosmetic junkies wouldn’t consider makeup application without proper prepping and priming first. Facial Primer for me hasn’t always been an essential part of my regime however it is an important makeup application step since it can prolong the freshness of your foundation, fill in fine lines and pores, and just allow your overall makeup to last longer as it creates a solid base between your foundation and your face.

Choosing the best facial primer for your skin type can be a little confusing so it’s best to understand your skin type prior to choosing the proper primer for it.

Jump ahead for a brief guide to facial primers.