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Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Luminous Blush/Highlighter Review, Photos, Swatches

Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Luminous Blush/Highlighter was released this week along with the new Hypnotic Beauty Collection for Fall at your local Victoria’s Secret Stores.

Anyone peek at the collection yet or haul some of it?


Let’s take a look at this blush/highlighter combo!


Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Perfect Lipstick Exotica Review, Swatches, Photos

The Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Collection launched this week so I ran right quick over to my local store to pick it up. I basically hauled it all.

Could not resist.

Some of the pieces are real gems but I haven’t tested it out yet so, of course, I have to fiddle a bit more before deciding if I should tell you guys to get it.

One item that surprised me was the Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Perfect Lipstick in Exotica. The promo image does nothing for this shade as it looks pink in that image.

Take a look, you’ll probably love it as much as I do if you love MAC Pink Grapefruit.



Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadow Quad

Seems like nowadays everyone is trying to teach us how to apply eyeshadow correctly. I can use all the help I can get!

The new Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadow Quads are labeled so you know exactly which shade of shadows goes where.

No mess ups here!


Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Collection for Fall 2011

The Victoria’s Secret Exotic Jewels Collection was a limited edition makeup collection brought together by Heidi Klum for Holiday 2010. The collection is inspired by Heidi’s life changing trip to India and features Indian-themed beauty pieces.

This year, Victoria’s Secret embraces a new collection, Hypnotic Beauty, for Fall 2011 which brings about those some of those same elements that were features in the Exotic Jewels Collection. The packaging feels Indian inspired to me and although it lacks Heidi’s touch it still has my attention and I imagine I’ll haul much of the offerings as they look stunning.

Take a look!


Victoria’s Secret Pro Makeup Collection

Victoria’s Secret goes Pro with its makeup collection. Victoria’s Secret revamp it’s makeup line about two seasons ago. I honestly haven’t really explored the line to the fullest as I am normally all about their LE Collections but never their standard range.

Interestingly enough they are bringing it to a Pro level now but the packaging remains the same as the old products and merely adds in some products that are already a part of the regular collection but now are just dubbed pro….

Who knows the mentality behind marketing sometimes.

Either way, you might want to explore these options your next trip into VS.

Check ’em!