Victoria’s Secret

Ding, Dong The Victoria’s Secret Double Mists are Dead Make Room for the New Beauty Rush Fragrance Mists!

Ding, Dong the Double Mists are Dead!


I do believe that Victoria’s Secret has seen the evil error of Double Mists and has discontinued them! Thank you Jebus!


Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Summer Collection

Forget Summer we haven’t even seen Spring yet around here. The weather is a bit brisk at best with some sun but alot of cold….um please can it be Spring time now?

But before you know it we’ll be ringing in Summer with or without proper weather to go along with it.

In celebration Victoria’s Secret Heavenly gets a revamp from it’s traditional White Musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony and introduces some fine Summer notes to get happy with…


Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Forever: Do We Really Need Another Angels Fragrance? Victoria’s Secret Likes To Think So!

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Forever is the newest addition to the Angels Fragrance Collection. I’m not entirely sure we need another Angels Fragrance…

What do you think?

I both love and hate the ones we currently have but…


Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Summer Collection 2011

Damn you Victoria’s Secret and your Beauty Rush Double Mists!

Victoria’s Secret has updated their Beauty Rush Collection to feature some new, well, more than some, Beauty Rush products. Now you may recognize one or two of these scents so I assume they are either releasing the old scents as part of a new collection or just embracing new packaging for the line.

Either way, I hate Double Mists but man I’m so tempted to indulge in some of the newer scents as they call them “Fragrance Mists” now so I HOPE that means they reformulated as I’ll be every so excited if they did however looking at the bottles from here they still look very much like a Double Mist, dontcha agree?

Check it!


Victoria’s Secret Love Me Wild Beauty Rush Baked Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, Photos

Victoria’s Secret has three new shades of their Beauty Rush Baked Eyeshadow available that was released with the Love Me Wild Spring 2011 Collection.

I generally like these little shadows as I’ve tried and loved them before but I think I grew out of them a bit as I got frustrated with the frosty finish on many of them and also the flaky fall out so its been a while since I indulged.

The new shades were pretty damn tempting so I picked up all three!

Take a look!