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Victoria’s Secret Shimmer Lights Eye Kit and Bronze Topics Eye Kit for Spring 2011

‘member the Victoria’s Secret Metallic Eyes Deluxe Palette and Bejeweled Eyes Deluxe Palettes from the Holidays? Did anyone actually haul those?

I ran to VS after seeing them, didn’t find them, ran back, finally located them, and proceeded to be uncomfortably disappointed that the promo images were way better than the actual product.


Anyone do the same?


Victoria’s Secret introduces two more of these palettes for Spring 2011, not sure if they’ll prove more exciting but I love to share all things makeup with you so let’s have a lookiee.



Post Holiday Steals and Deals on Makeup, Skincare, and Bath and Body

I haven’t been online in a few days so first thing this morning I hopped right on to see what the sales were looking like! I had visions of 50, 60, or 70% off great makeup.

Reality set in rather quickly when I realized most of what was on sale I already owned. I also felt like the steals and deals just weren’t there this year because stores actually ran out of stock super fast unlike last year’s bust of a Christmas due to the economy.

How about you?

Run into any great deals?

Here are some I’ve come across!

P.S. I missed posting these on Boxing Day, forgive a girl?


Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Makeup Collection for Holiday 2010

Victoria’s Secret has extended it’s Beauty Rush Makeup Collection by leaps and bounds over the last year or so. New items pop up seasonally as well as of late. I think these are all rather cute spontaneous little purchases that are worth a buck or two that we lay down on ’em plus budget beauty shoppers can take advantage and get several items for considerably less than any one item they’d settle for at Sephora so everyone’s happy all around eh? Plus now that the Holiday Season is approaching so quickly these will make cute grab bag items, stocking stuffers, or small pressies!

If you’re a fond fan, you’ll be happy to catch a glimpse of the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Makeup Collection for Holiday 2010 your next stop in shop.

Take a look!

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Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Collection

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Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Luminous Highlighting Powder Review, Swatches, Photos

They’ll come a day or days in your makeup life when you have to admit to yourself that it’s all about the packaging and the presentation, not necessarily the actual makeup. If you’re in denial about this fact, it’s ok, we’ve all been there.

In the case of Victoria’s Secret Midnight Glamour Luminous Highlighting Powder, it’s all about the packaging and presentation and sadly not so much about the actual makeup and lucky enough I’m not in denial about this.


I’m willingly to admit the powder isn’t what caught my eye first nor will it be what holds my attention long after.