Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Sparkle Liner, Lipstick, and Shadow Duos

New Victorias Secret Beauty Rush 2010

I dunno how big a fan you are of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Makeup but I gotta admit those little barrels by the register get me every time. I feel like I’m digging around in gold when I start looking through and I proceed to convince myself that the 5 for $20 price tag is SUCH a STEAL!

Ahhh the sad life of a makeup junkie.

But if, by chance, you are a lover of the line, here are some new Fall offerings from Beauty Rush.

Check it!


Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Collection Fall 2010

It’s pretty damn weird how much of a glutton for punishment I am. I truly do not love the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Double Mists but I keep coming back for more every time they release the bloody things.

Victorias Secret Beauty Rush

It’s such a weird and unusual compulsion to sniff and sometimes buy every new Beauty Rush product that gets released. I can’t stand the Double Mists because they are so slick and greasy feeling but go back for more I do….



Victoria’s Secret Midnight Garden Collection

Victorias Secret Midnight Garden Collection

I love me some Vicky’s Secret. Fact is many of these body mists, in recent years, fail to last on me so I need to layer, layer, layer to get things to stick around but regardless, I still love them long time.

So in most cases, anytime they release something new, I’m on it.

Last year they did some great Love Spell single note blends but with the economy (super limited stock at stores due to the recession) as it was I was unable to grab these before they completely sold out EVERYWHERE. This year I will not fail at tracking down the new Victoria’s Secret Midnight Garden Collection Body Mists which include a new variation of my personal favorite scent, Love Spell.



Victoria’s Secret Runway Your Way Palette: Victoria’s Secret Fall Collection 2010

Victorias Secret Fall Collection 2010

Ha! Relief!

Why? Because I won’t be splurging on any LE Fall Collections from Victoria’s Secret this year. Phew! Money saved. I normally adore the Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Seasonal Releases but this year I’m not really feeling the love for the new palette releases and unless they release something more I’m pretty safe!

Take a peek at the new Victoria’s Secret Runway Your Way Palettes and tell me what you think!


Victoria’s Secret Life is Pink Shine Pink Collection

Victoria’s Secret has a new member of the Life is Pink Collection, Shine Pink!

Check it!