Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Flowers Eau de Parfum Collection

Victorias Secret Heavenly Flowers

If you’re a fond fan of Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Fragrance you’ll be ever so happy to see the release of its new limited edition Heavenly Flowers debut!



Victoria’s Secret Spring Makeup Collection 2010

Victorias Secret Spring Makeup Collection 2010 67

Note to self you so DO NOT need the Victoria’s Secret Mineral Eyeshadow Palettes.

But you know you’ll buy them anyway.

Le sigh!



Victoria’s Secret Summer 2010: Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Beauty Rush Collection

Victorias Secret Beauty Rush Summer 2010 33

It’s turning into a free love kinda Summer isn’t it? Victoria’s Secret Life is Pink Collection started our trip back into the 60’s and Urban Decay Summer 2010 followed up with a little Woodstock madness as well and let’s not forget Bath and Body Works took a turn through 1960 with their enhanced collection on old favs like Sweet Pea.

Now the Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Beauty Rush Collection gets in on the whole 60’s theme with some new psychedelic Beauty Rush products.

All we are saying is give peace a chance!



Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation, Victoria’s Secret Island Waters, and Victoria’s Secret Lemon Paradise Body Mist Review

Victorias Secret Body Mist 2

Last week it felt like spring was finally peeking its head out but I should have known how dreadfully unpredictable New York weather is as this week we are back to being greeted with the brisk cold of Winter.

At least I have a little piece of Spring sitting on my vanity with the new Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection featuring scents like Mango Temptation, Island Waters, and Lemon Paradise. With a spray of these I can, at the very least pretend that it’s warm outside my window.

Jump for the review.


New in Beauty: Victoria’s Secret Secret Moments

Victorias Secret Secret Moments

Victoria’s Secret Secret Moments Collection launches in store March 23rd according to The Cut.

w00t! New VS beauty just what we likey.

Scents include:

  • Girls’ Night
  • Island Escape
  • At Fight Sight
  • Room 504
  • Good Day Sunshine

The collection is inspired by Alessandra Ambrosio’s personal memories (Victoria’s Secret Model) for example laying eyes on her daughter for the first time was the inspiration behind the scent At First Sight.  Is it terribly perverse that I’m wondering what happened in Room 504? Debauchery!

The scents includes cocktails of peach, coconut, sugarcane, and blue freesia.

Looks cute enough, elegant packaging.

What do you think?

I’m thinking I probably don’t need more Victoria’s Secret Bath and Body bits in my life but I’m tempted to sniff.

Whatcha think?