Victoria’s Secret

New in Beauty: Victoria’s Secret Secret Moments

Victoria’s Secret Secret Moments Collection launches in store March 23rd according to The Cut.

w00t! New VS beauty just what we likey.

Scents include:

  • Girls’ Night
  • Island Escape
  • At Fight Sight
  • Room 504
  • Good Day Sunshine

The collection is inspired by Alessandra Ambrosio’s personal memories (Victoria’s Secret Model) for example laying eyes on her daughter for the first time was the inspiration behind the scent At First Sight.  Is it terribly perverse that I’m wondering what happened in Room 504? Debauchery!

The scents includes cocktails of peach, coconut, sugarcane, and blue freesia.

Looks cute enough, elegant packaging.

What do you think?

I’m thinking I probably don’t need more Victoria’s Secret Bath and Body bits in my life but I’m tempted to sniff.

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Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush HyperGloss Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey chicks!

The Muse reviewed the new Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush HyperGloss Shampoo and Conditioner for you a few days ago but I thought you’d dig on some more pics of the products.

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Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Shampoo and Conditioner Coconut Craze Review

OMG!  I’m so excited (and peeved) about the new Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Shampoo and Conditioners. Yes, yes, yes you read that right! The Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Collection has extended the line to now include shampoo and conditioner.

Likey oh so much!

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Victoria’s Secret Island Waters Collection

Oh hai! My eyes do so spy something new from Victoria’s Secret! The new Victoria’s Secret Island Waters Collection should get you in the mood for the warmer weather ahead chicklets!

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Victoria’s Secret Pink Spring Collection 2010

The Victoria’s Secret Pink Cosmetic Collection gets two new introductions for Spring 2010.

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink Pretty & Pure Mega Pink Lip Balm SPF 15 ($7)


  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Pink Berry
  • Pink Lemonade

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink Pretty Glow Pink Face & Body Bronzer ($15)

I like how Victoria’s Secret has taken this line and made it into a secondary Beauty Rush Collection. They are really pimping up the smaller cosmetic collections pieces lately. These particularly items don’t interest me but I’m always a big supporter of how many new things they bring out each year.

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