Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Brilliantly Sexy Collection

VS Makeup Spring 2010

A few days ago…..let me lower my voice, don’t wanna anyone hearing this….a  few days ago I said no to shimmer.

GASP!  Try not to be alarmed I’m ok!   I took one look at Victoria’s Secret Brilliantly Sexy Makeup Collection and walked away.   Does anyone have some sort of prize or treat they can give me for being so mature?  This is big!


No but seriously I actually did look at it and I even grabbed one of the little booklets they keep out next to new collections but I didn’t buy a single item. I dunno, I have a little too much shimmer in my life. As pretty as the collection was I believe it’s not LE and will be around for a while so I can always indulge later. They seem to be promoting it as simply something new that they are adding to the VS Makeup Collection so try not to be mislead into believing it’s some LE makeup you absolutely HAVE to get right away.

Moral of the story is, it is pretty brilliant looking but I skipped, yay me!

But you can check it after the jump if you’re curious!


Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Poptimistic Collection

Victorias Secret Beauty Rush Poptimistic 11

More on the Victoria’s Secret front today dears…..

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Poptimistic is a limited run of gloss palettes and glosses. Victoria’s Secret continues to expand their line of Beauty Rush Cosmetics which should appeal to anyone who likes kawaii little bits and bobs of makeup. I happen to fall into the realms of kawaii makeup loving so of course I like checking out anything new from VS.

Take a jump!


Victoria’s Secret Spring Collection 2010: Victoria’s Secret Kiss & Tell Beauty Rush Collection

A little early Valentine’s Day gift from Victoria’s Secret crops up with the new Victoria’s Secret Kiss & Tell Collection.

Victorias Secret Kiss Tell Beauty Rush Collection

The Muse is thinking it’s sweet….



Victoria’s Secret Heidi Klum Collection 2009 Sale

heidi klum cosmetics

The Muse does so admit she wasn’t taken with all of the Victoria’s Secret Heidi Klum Collection this year after seeing it in person aside from the Luminous Face Powder but she could be convinced with prices like these!



The Muse’s Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Muses Gift

You know Christmas is next week……have you been naughty?  Forgot to do your Christmas shopping?  Are you guilty of being a last minute shopper?  Shame on you!

Sometimes it’s a good thing to be a late shopper because you snag all the best deals at the last minute!

Jump ahead for some last minute gift ideas!