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Yay or Nay: Victoria’s Secret Dazzleshine Lipgloss

Yay /yā/
Exclamation: Expressing triumph, approval, or encouragement: “Yay! I just shot a zombie in the forehead and survived to tell the tale”.

Nay /nā/
Noun: A negative answer: “Nay, I’m not going outside and shooting those zombies, you do that shiz!”.

A game of yay or nay today starring Victoria’s Secret Dazzleshine Lipgloss. Available in six shades with a shimmer finish and a brush applicator these little beauties are the newest addition to the Beauty Rush Collection, which sadly, hasn’t been updated in a little bit.

I haven’t tried them yet. GASP! Shock! I know right? So I can’t participate in this yay or nay session.

But have you tried ‘em?

Yay! Can’t live without ‘em!

Nay! Don’t like ‘em, meh!

Do give the good word!


Victoria’s Secret Spring Shimmer Eye Kit for Spring 2012

Here’s a little peek at the new 10 shade Victoria’s Secret Spring Shimmer Eye Kit released from VS for Spring 2012.


Victoria’s Secret Perfect Lipstick Spring 2012

Happy early V-Day from Victoria’s Secret!

There new Perfect Lipstick evokes images of Valentine’s Day, dontcha just love the packaging?

VS promises a creamy formula loaded with pigment!


  • Hot Kiss (hot pink)
  • First Kiss (dusky rose)
  • Perfect Kiss (lilac violet)
  • Big Kiss (brown pink)

Victoria’s Secret Perfect Lipstick is available now in store for $15 or online at


Victoria’s Secret The Incredible Collection Spring 2012

Ahh new season, new limited edition makeup collection from Victoria’s Secret. For Spring 2012, they’ve introduced the Incredible Collection. Incredible and makeup in the same sentence?

Yes please.


Victoria’s Secret Spring Shimmer Eye Kit Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss Gift Set for Spring 2012

I always get pretty hyped when Victoria’s Secret introduces new makeup bits and bobs. Quality is sometimes debatable but believe you me occasionally a gem or two pops up that simply floors you.

I’m personally loving the new Spring Shimmer Eye Kit they introduced. I think I may need it.

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