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Vintage Sister Fall 2011 Lip Balm Collection

Vintage Sister is back!

And they bring with them their new Fall 2011 Lip Balm Collection. I happen to be a balm addict and Vintage Sister makes some very whimiscal lip balms and flavors particularly ones to celebrate my favorite Holiday, Halloween.

Take a look, these are a great budget pick and will make a sweet little Halloween treat for beauty junkies!


Vintage Sister Spring 2011 Lip Balm Collection

Ahhh Vintage Sister! My favorite indie find!

They make some very fun lip snacks indeed.

They recently released their Spring Collection which includes five new flavors of tasty lip balm!

Check it!

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Vintage Sister Holiday Collection 2010 Plus 25% Off Your Purchase

After several weeks of being offline Vintage Sister is back with its Holiday Collection 2010 plus 25% Off!

I think their lip balms make perfect little budget stocking stuffers!



Kawaii Beauty Picks: A Selection of Cute Cosmetics To Bring a Smile to Your Face!

I happen to have a serious addiction to owning anything and everything kawaii in the makeup world. If it’s cute, chances are I own it. I’m honestly not embarrassed or shy about my need for sweet little makeup pieces and hells knows I’m not scared of flashing them out for the world to see if I need to touch up in public or a restroom.

As far as I’m concerned cute beauty items bring a smile to my face! Are you a lover of kawaii beauty? What sort of cute makeup items do you own?

Take a look at some of these Kawaii Beauty Picks. Who knows maybe you own a few yourself!

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