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Important Note About Front Page Content On Musings


Happy Monday!

Hope you had an incredible first weekend of Summer, I know I did!

I just wanted to take a moment to address a small issue I’ve been having on Musings. There’s a minor pagination problem with the site at the moment that will limit the front page posts to five. At some point in the future there may be more posts displayed on the front page but at the moment it will remain at merely five.

As you know I post WAY more than five posts a day :) So I do urge you to dig a page or two deeper when looking for new posts on Musings as some might fall off the front page as the day progresses and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on any great beauty news or reviews if you aren’t digger a little deeper.

Just use the navigation buttons on the bottom of the site to dig a little deeper.


Or you can follow me across the usual social media sites like:

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Or subscribe for RSS and be alerted every time a new post is available.

Don’t forget to update your RSS Reader if you’re using Google Reader as it will no longer be available come July 1st. If you subscribe to my site using it I’d suggest moving your subscription of Musings of a Muse over to Bloglovin’ or theoldreader.com

Have a productive Monday and talk really soon!


It’s June & Google Reader’s July Cut Off Is Looming!

Google RIP

As many of you know Google Reader will be axed come July. Buh-bye! Gone! Fin! Google has so much going on lately I can’t keep my head from spinning. Most days of my life are spent cowering in fear to open my browser and load up www.seroundtable.com because it is NEVER good news.

Someone hold me.

Possibly the worst offense is Google cutting off Google Reader. I happen to be Team Google Reader! It’s such a daily part of my life and it hurts my feelings they think it’s a great idea to snap their fingers and make it disappear. The general idea is to migrate the herds towards using Google+ more but honestly, Google+ sucks and axing Google Reader will likely not make me make a move towards embracing Google+. Actually it just makes me hate Google a little more. Ok, not true, when Google is good it is very good but when Google is bad…it’s VERY bad.


If you follow me via Google Reader I’ll disappear soon from you. Let’s not lose touch and let’s not force you to use Feedly *cringe, shiver, revolting I just threw up in my mouth a little face*

Might I direct you to Ye Old Reader? Visit theoldreader.com and you can take ALL your current Google Reader subscriptions and plop them right into Old Reader.

It’s simple, basic, and has a very Google Reader-like interface. Simplicity for me is sometimes great and The Old Reader is exactly that, SIMPLE.

If you don’t use a reader no worries!

I’m causing trouble on all the other social media sites as well so you can follow me on:

Now take a moment to bow your head and have a silent moment for Google Reader.

I shall mourn her with you when the time comes to say good bye!

P.S. Happy Weekend by the way! It’s a cold, rainy one in Gotham but I have a ton of great plans for the weekend and I won’t let the weather get me down!

Exit post humming the imperial march.


Behind the Candelabra So Damn Fabulous

Anyone watch Behind the Candelabra? Seriously so freaking fabulous. I watched it with my best friend Jai and his boyfriend Mattie and we seriously had a complete melt down while watching it. There were parts in there you just couldn’t help burst out laughing at. Rob Lowe? OMG! Funny!

Dustin Hunter reminded me how great it was with his hysterical video on youTube and I had to share!

It’s another weekend my dears!

And a hot one at that.

I’m away for the weekend so can’t wait to get out of here today. I’m behind on comments sorry! Been working out kinks on Musings. The maintenance on this site boggles my mind sometimes :( And with the latest Google Penguin update it seems to early to tell if I was on its radar! Sure hope not! Apparently, if you’re a webmaster or just a super search guru, site: is working again. Thank god for small favors. Although Webmaster Tools seems to be wacked out lately…

Yeah most people don’t care about that portion of beauty blogging :)

What’s new with you this week?

I feel behind talking to you all!

I wish you a very happy weekend!

More reviews are scheduled throughout the day but I may be slow replying if you have a comment or two as I’m working on broken links behind the scenes here but will do my best to say hey here and there because anything to get me AWAY from this task!

Talk soon!


Just A Note, I’m Behind On Comments

Just wanted to say, I’m behind on comments (and e-mails) again. I got a rather disturbing e-mail today from a reader which could have possibly been avoided if I was on top of comments I THINK?! Or I hope!?

But I thought I’d better just do a quick post and tell you that I really appreciate your thoughts, opinions, etc…but I am behind in replying. I have a lot going on sometimes and I do my best to get through all comments and answer them.

Remember they ARE on approval so if they don’t appear right away that’s because they are awaiting for me to approve and reply to each one.

I love chatting with you guys and I wouldn’t intentionally ignore what you have to say. Just know I’m sometimes a little swamped and crazy with work, with the blog, and with my own life :)

Happy Monday!


Follow the Muse on Tumblr (If You Dare)


I’ve had a Tumblr account for a while and I just decided I might as well start using it right? Right. If you want you can follow me up at http://musemedia.tumblr.com/. I’ll be posting random beauty bits and bobs and I’m sure my fandoms will get involved in there as well somewhere….!

By the way, Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I hope it’s a very special day for you!

And on a more serious note…ugh….

I’ve been having a few hiccups on Musings lately. If you experience any lag, hang ups, sluggishness, or any other drama when loading the site I would greatly appreciate it if you e-mail me or comment and let me know. I sometimes don’t catch these issues since I view the site differently than you do. I’d appreciate it SO much if you give me the heads up with any problems or slowness you experience.


Have a really pleasant weekend!