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Kate Somerville Illumikate Concealing Eye Cream Review & Swatches

Kate Illumikate Concealing Eye Cream

Kate Somerville Illumikate Concealing Eye Cream ($42) is my new go to quickie concealer for touch ups on the go. I don’t typically touch up my concealer throughout the day but Kate Somerville Illumikate Concealing Eye Cream wriggled it’s way into my heart and my makeup bag and now I’m suddenly all about brightening up my eyes in a simple click and swipe at work!

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Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder Review

Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder

Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder is my new favorite, you NEED this, Muse Approved, exfoliating product of 2014. I love this stuff. I have dry skin so I can’t exfoliate often and I’ve run across a product or two that does a great job scrubbing awake flakier areas on my face to reveal smoother, softer skin. But many times these products also strip my skin and leave it drier than when I initially used them!

Needless to say exfoliating helps to remove drier skin cells but also comes with its own set of problems.

I recently discovered Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder and I must stock up because if this gets discontinued I’ll simply sob my little eyes out!


Tarte Limited Edition Amazonian Clay Dual Liner Review & Swatches

Tarte Amazonian Clay Dual Liner Fall 2014

This Tarte Limited Edition Amazonian Clay Dual Liner was introduced with the Tarte Rainforest After Dark Fall 2014 Collection but as of recently Tarte launched a selection of Amazonian Clay Prismatic Eye Color Enhancing Dual Liners on in a variety of shades.

Needless to say whether you’re grabbing this black/bronze variation of Tarte Limited Edition Amazonian Clay Dual Liner or one of the other shades offered on QVC you’ll be in for a treat as Tarte always excels at creating some of the creamiest eyeliners around!


Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette1

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette is possibly one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes at the moment. Gulp, I know, I just said I LOVE a matte eyeshadow palette. Urban Decay created this palette to celebrate the cult favorite film, Pulp Fiction and takes its inspiration from Mrs Mia Wallace’s look in the film. The palette contains five shades, three of which are brand never before scene shades!

And best of all the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette comes housed in a limited edition shiny black case featuring Jule’s poetic bible passage on the cover, a double ended brush applicator, a generously sized mirror, and most importantly the outer box has a band aid, you know, to speculate over whether Marsellus’s cut himself while shaving or if his soul really was removed through the back of his neck. I personally support that the suitcase contained his soul and it was indeed removed through a hole in the back of his neck, ya know, because that sounds all kinds of crazy Tarantino.

Needless to say the homage this palette pays to all good things Pulp Fiction not only makes it a must have for fans of the film but it also brings together some eyeshadows that really work together to create a classic neutral eye look!


Sephora Kiss Me Balm Review & Swatches

Sephora Kiss Me Balms

Sephora Kiss Me Balm ($8) is an absolute must have if you love EOS Lip Spheres and always wished they were tinted. I purchased these cute little Kiss Me Balms not expecting much but was blown away at how hydrating and pigmented they are.

You need one (or all of) them!