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Sonia Kashuk Sahara Sunset Highlighter Review & Swatches

Sonia Kashuk Sahara Sunset Highlighter2

The Sonia Kashuk Sahara Sunset Highlighter ($19.99) is a new limited edition highlighter that recently launched with the Sonia Kashuk Spring 2015 Makeup Collection that’s available exclusively at Target.

I happen to be one of those obsessive highlighter collectors who loves beautiful facial powders but never uses them! I will say that it always delights me when I can double up a highlighter as a blush because in that case I’m way more inclined to use it versus it hiding it away in my beauty vault and only taking it out to pet it and whisper sweet nothings in its ear.


Bath & Body Works Let’s Go To Hawaii Mini Perfume Review

Bath & Body Works Let's Go To Hawaii Mini Perfume

Oahu Coconut Sunset, Waikiki Beach Coconut, Maui Mango Surf, and Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss are four Bath & Body Works Let’s Go To Hawaii Mini Perfumes that launched for the Spring 2015 season. What? Mini Perfume? Yes! Bath & Body Works not only created their Hawaiian fragrances in a Fine Body Mist but also in a perfume much to my utter delight.

And instantly, I thought of all the possibilities for future collections because I’m terribly greedy and I need more, more, more…


Because I happen to be one of those people that loves Bath & Body Works but hates how very short a time their body mists last on my body chemistry! The fact they not only introduced this collection with body mists but ALSO perfumes really shocked and delighted me. I actually enjoy their perfume formula. It’s strong, it has excellent throw, and a good deal of linger and I don’t have to layer with a bunch of sticky body lotion to get the fragrance to last.

So, I, for one, vote more perfume releases with upcoming collections please!


Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Sheer Lip Color Review & Swatches

Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Sheer Lip Color

Orange, Berry, and Pink are three new, limited edition Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Sheer Lip Color Lipsticks that launched with the new Bobbi Brown Hot Spring 2015 Collection. Sheer Lip Color has been a long time favorite of mine especially if you’re looking for a lightweight balmy lipstick!

The new shades of Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Sheer Lip Color bring some playfully vibrant shades to the table that are completely wearable courtesy their gorgeous formula. So purple lipstick? That’s totally a wearable shade in this moisturizing, easy to apply formula.

Let’s take a look!


Chapstick Mango Sunrise Review

Chapstick Mango Sunrise

Chapstick Mango Sunrise Lip Balm is one of three new Tropical Paradise flavors that are launching for the Spring 2015/Summer 2015 season at drugstores. I feel Chapstick has come such a long way and it isn’t nearly as waxy and dense as it once was (But don’t tell anyone I’m still a Labello fangirl).

Remember that story I told you, about the time I ate an entire tube of Cherry Chapstick when I was like 4 or something?

That could potentially happen again with Chapstick Mango Sunrise and I’m not the least bit ashamed. I eat shimmer on my corn flakes in the morning why can’t I snack on delicious Chapstick? And I’m sure some of you would happily admit to eating lipstick (sans lead haha).


Dr. Jart Ceramidin Oil Balm Review & Swatches

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Oil Balm1

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Oil Balm ($35) is saving my dry skin life lately as the weather decides if it wants to stay cold or perhaps warm up a bit. I’m kinda in a transitioning stage and my skin is coming out of hibernation. One thing that’s really, really been working out well for me is Cerave Hydrating Cleanser. I stopped using cleansing oil and my other cleansers and I use this only and my skin is a lot less dry!

On top of that I use Dr. Jart Ceramidin Oil Balm on drier, patchier areas and yay for being hydrated and smooth!

Let’s take a look at this new balm!