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Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil Review & Swatches

Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil Summer 2013

Ok, so maybe the warm weather is here to stay. In that case, it’s short and skirt weather! Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil is coming out of my beauty closet so I can glam up my legs for this great weather.

Have you tried it?

It’s smells incredible!

Take a peek!


Sephora Glossy Gloss Review & Swatches

Sephora Glossy Gloss

You probably already know my obsession with Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss which is why Sephora Glossy Gloss is currently on my beauty radar.

Sephora Glossy Gloss is the equivalent of the long gone Mirror Mirror Gloss and a heck of a lot cheaper as well at $10 bucks. So if you love SUPER glossy glosses with a mirror like shine allow me to introduce you to this little guy!


Kiss Me Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover Review

Kiss Me Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover

Although I have plenty of favs I admit that Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover tops my HG (holy grail) eye makeup remover list. So much so that I really wish it was something I could easily purchase in my local drugstore as going out of my way to stock up on it from Japan is such a chore sometimes.

Seriously, why can’t someone create a formula like this in our local drugstores?


It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss Review & Swatches

Its Skin Mini Tint Gloss

I’m loving It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss! So much so I may need to go back and haul a few shades of this adorable little gloss. I picked this up in Mango Syrup recently and really didn’t expect much. But gosh, I was utterly gobsmacked how gorgeously this little gloss performs.

I’m actually just now discovering the joys of It’s Skin and so far I’m quite happy with the brand.

Take a look at this little Muse Approved gloss!

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the Balm En Root Pre-Styling Conditioning Spray Review

the Balm En Root Pre Styling Conditioning Spray

I’m currently obsessed with the Balm En Root Pre-Styling Conditioning Spray thank you very much! I typically don’t love conditioning sprays as they always make my hair feel sticky but I absolutely adore this one.

Also have I raved enough about the smell of ALL the En Root haircare products!? Seriously loves the scent of these products. It’s very fresh and clean and wonderful….swoon!