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MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit Review

MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit 8

You NEED the MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit! This set contains four mini MAC fiber brushes for face and eyes plus a makeup bag for traveling with them.

Check it and find out why it’s my favorite (just a note, I just realized that I didn’t take photos of each brush. I’m working on 90 minutes of sleep here (too much Halloween partying does a blog bad) and this morning at stupid o’clock aka 5 AM when I was writing this post I noticed I forgot to take the pictures of the brushes! I’ll be sure to update shortly, sorry).


Jane Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

Jane Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Shadow

Jane Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Shadow ($4) recently relaunched in new packaging and a new formulation. The Jane Cosmetics Makeup Collection is now exclusively available at Ulta and

I remember Jane from way back in the day! Like high school days! Either way it’s back and better than every before. I had the check myself a minute because when I used one of the new Jane Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Shadows recently I could have sworn was using a buttery, beautiful shade from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.


True story.

Check it!


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Ooky Perfume Oil Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Ooky Perfume Oil

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Ooky Perfume Oil is one of several new Halloweenie Perfume Oils that are available for a limited time from the dear old Lab. Ooky originates from the British slang for unpleasant, off, weird, unusual but Ooky Perfume Oil is anything but!

It’s pumpkin and spice and everything nice about the Fall! If there was every a scent to embody Fall it would be Ooky (oh wait, I say that about all the foody-like perfume oils from the Lab don’t I?).


Dionis Peppermint Hand Cream Review

Dionis Peppermint Hand Cream

We were up at stupid o’clock on Saturday to hit up the orchards and do some apple picking. The orchard is a two hour drive away so at the butt crack of dawn we were on the road and a little exhausted by the time 11ish rolled around but at least we had apples to last us through the zombie apocalypse.

Actually, crazy but true, I make apple butter. I burn boiling water but one thing I can make is damn good apple butter!

Needless to say we were hungry after our adventures so we hit up Cracker Barrel which is a novelty in itself since we don’t really have it around our area. I absolutely adore the fact that Cracker Barrel has a little country store right in the waiting area. So even if you’re starving and feeling like you’re about to die if you don’t get some waffles and eggs in your stomach immediately you won’t mind the long wait for a table on a busy Saturday morning because you’ll be wandering aimlessly around their little store as you wait for your table! They have cute little bits and bobs, old time candy (holler at me peanut chews), and really unique little finds even beauty ones in some cases.

Which brings me to my purchase of Dionis Peppermint Hand Cream!

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Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips Lipstick Review & Swatches

Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips Lipstick

Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips Lipstick ($9.50) are an adorable new moisturizing cream lipstick that Etude House released with their new Disney collobration entitled XoXo Minnie Collection.

Whether you’re a fond fan of Minnie Mouse or you just love cute little makeup purchases you’re sure to adore the Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips Lipstick!