Fall Collections 2007

Lunasol Geminate Eye Palettes

A package from my angel arrived a few days ago which contained the new Lunasol Geminate Eye palettes!


The colors are amazingly pigmented, full of sparkle and shimmer, and really solid colors for the cooler months! I’ve never purchased a Lunasol palette prior to these but I can see these are quite possibly Kanebo’s best line of product and may even beat out T’estimo for quality! These are a higher end cosmetic compared to Kanebo’s other color lines and the cost of each proves that these are indeed a luxurious item to purchase!

This is only a first impression, I haven’t tried them yet as I am too busy stroking them and telling them how pretty they are BUT I can tell you they are possibly better than Visee’s Jewel Crush Eyes!

Many of you, like myself have purchased T’estimo’s newest palettes plus Visee’s Jewel Crush Eyes. These beat out both in the department of high shimmer, sparkle, and glitter! If you’re pressed for cash and in debates what you should purchase I’d go with one of these and skip the T’estimo and Visee palettes! Overall I’m mighty pleased with these and quite excited to begin creating a new look with ’em!

These have to be the best Fall collection I’ve seen this season! The colors just remind me of a cool autumn night! I was in high debate about which palettes to choose and in the end I decided on all five! And am I ever glad I did!





Cat’s Eye

The Muse was completely spoiled in this package as not only were the Lunasol palettes tucked into it but some gorgeous little pressies that the angel included for me!

Now this angel knows me a little too well and she included some much lusted after Sweet Sweets palettes for me!

Sweet Sweets is an amazingly cute and inexpensive Japanese drugstore brand! These are just too terrific for words! I’m utterly in love with ’em! They are on the sheer side but if you want to do a real simple makeup look these are perfection! I’m loving these!

And if that wasn’t enough something else was tucked into my box!

I love the little fairy drawing the eye liner on!

The Muse’s angel sure knows how to enable because Cineora is not a brand that the Muse has every heard of! The loose powder is not only adorable but perfect for tucking into my purse for touch ups! It does wonders on under eye circles! And the liner is sheer perfection! One stroke will do it! No having to go back and repeat myself this is nice and dark! The Muse is in love with Cineroa’s brand of cosmetics now 😉

Friends are special people and when they go out of their way to do something lovely for me I can’t help but feel thankful that I am lucky enough to have my life touched by them!


Laura Geller Baked Basics

It appears many brands are jumping on board the baked cosmetic bandwagon as of late! Since MAC’s newest hottest release of Flashtronic many other companies have been trying their hand at baking it up a bit!

Laura Geller has had various baked powders around for a while on QVC however she’s just recently expanded her color collections to Sephora. With her move to Sephora she’s created some pretty neat little kits!

This one struck me as a good little deal! A full size kabuki plus three baked completion powders (aka mineral skinfinishes for the MAC whores) all this for $48!

Not a bad little deal that I may indulge in!

The berry in this collection is especially appealing!

I think this one is on the wish list!

Want these? Too imitation MAC for you? Tell me 😉 I’m listening! Comment box at the ready!

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Lancome’s Mystery Game Collection

Oh my the very my! The mail came on Saturday but I didn’t have a chance to open it till just this very second and to my delight what was in it? Lancome’s Mystery Game Collection!

I was quite excited to get my greedy, sweaty, eager little hands all over the Cube of of Destiny! I ripped open the package and behold:

I’m normally not a fan of Lancome’s general cosmetic line but this was too good to pass up! I’m actually quite happy I dove right in and purchased it because it’s quite a nice little conversation piece as well as usable (the sudden urge to wrap it in cotton, never use it, take it out for special occasions, pet it and tell it how pretty it is may strike at times but try to refrain and just use the damn thing! I should take my own advice shouldn’t I?).

The Destiny Cube comes in two color variations Deep Fascination and Charisma. At first I thought it was one color option but there are, in fact, two color options to choose from! I purchased the darker of the two (although the overwhelming urge to buy the two colors was hard to argue with!) which is Charisma. I think it’s a much better Fall look than Deep Fascination.

Deep Fascination


I haven’t touched either shadows or glosses yet so I’m unsure of texture or pigment but I’ll be doing a deeper review of this later on! For now I’m just happy to take it out of it’s black velvet satchel and stroke it lovingly!

The face chart included with the Cube is a nice little extra but highly exaggerated in my humblest opinion! There is no way on God’s green little earth that you’ll be able to create these looks with this one Cube! The colors are just off completely! In the chart the model is wearing a very lovely pink shade and shaded in with the green as a smoky look! The green shade is quite spot on but the pinkish shade you see is no where near what is available in the cube! The color is a soft lilac color and not pink at all! I feel the lip creams are off mark as well! It’s a nice little item to include but the colors are way off base!

I also purchased Baume Baiser which is freaking amazing! This truly deserves a back-up! We need a case of these sent over as soon as possible! I originally read about this on the Make-Up Bag and the review was so outstanding that I had to nab this little guy for myself! This is part of the Mystery Game collection contrary to the fact that Lancome’s website doesn’t display it on the same pages as the Mystery Game! As Make-Up Bag said this is a highly addicting product! It contains a soft pillow of lip treatment that has a weird jello like texture and tastes like a dreamy, creamy, sweet marshmallow! It makes my lips feel absolutely soft and smooth! It’s quite like the box says…kiss a pillow! This balm is perfect for application all day, under lipstick or gloss, or just by itself! Truly money well spent! I need another one!

Finally I purchased Blush Subtil Shimmer in Shimmer Pool Pink! I unknowingly purchased this only to have it arrive and realize I had already purchased this same color AGES ago! This is just a repeat that they have included with the Mystery Game color story and no reason to pick it up! Don’t make the same mistake I did on this one!

Overall, Lancome’s outdone their selves with this nifty little collection! I’d love to see Lancome release some more of the fun items I’ve seen recently! This is truly something that has the avid cosmetic collector in mind when it was created! The entire collection is very usable but the Cube is a piece you’ll want to cherish!


theBalm Overshadow

OooooOoooooOooo! Something else to get excited about! theBalm has been amazing me with it’s nifty little here and there releases for the past year or so! They have outdone themselves with these! These are a bit of shimmering powder that can be used anywhere (body, eyes, cheeks, etc…) but they are recommended for spicing up your shadows! Apply your own shadow, apply Overshadow for a bit of sparkle and shimmer! Takes the ordinary to the extraordinary!

You know how I feel about sparkle!

These are definately a WANT item!

Love ’em? Comment box at the ready!


Tarte EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil

How delightful! Tarte has created the perfect little tool for lining the inner rim of your eye! This super slim liner gets in those delicate areas and glides the perfect amount of color on so that your eyes pop!

Yay! It’s on my Wish List!

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