Holiday Collections 2009

Lush Holiday Bubble Bar Review

The Muse knows how many people ADORE the Christmas Holiday but mostly the Muse is a Halloween type of girl, can’t beat goblins, ghouls, and candy….but there is one good reason to adore Christmas, that would be the Lush Holiday Bubble Bar.

Lush Holiday Bubble Bar 1

Golly, this Muse surely does recall when it was named Ruby Red Slippers, why they changed the name is beyond her but thankfully the scent and style of the bar remains the same.

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JK Jemma Kidd Cheek ID Colour Adapt Blush Review and Swatches

Givenchy Gloss Poetique will set you back $45 but JK Jemma Kidd Cheek ID Colour Adapt Blush is only $18 bucks!

JK Jemma Kidd Cheek ID Colour Adapt Blush 1

Yay for savings!

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Stocking Stuffer Idea: Vintage Sister Lip Indulgences

stocking stuffer ideas

Here’s a stocking stuffer (or gift idea for friends and family who have a lip balm obsession.


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Prescriptives Lustre Holiday Color Collection Review and Swatches

Days like today are the days I realize how much I’ll miss Prescriptives when it’s gone for good. Although many of you expressed sadness and outrage over the base makeup items in the collection, I’m actually quite saddened over the limited edition items. I really enjoy special collection releases from Prescriptives and this year’s Lustre Holiday Color Collection is truly brilliant.

Stepping up Holiday with an array of color gift sets, plus the new Holiday Cheek and Eye Palette, and now a full color collection, Prescriptives is going out with a bang.

Prescriptives Lustre Holiday Color Collection 1

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Bath and Body Works Temptations Collection 2009

Anyone notice that Bath and Body Works is slowly updating it’s catalog with the Temptations Collection? It’s set to officially release in stores on the 23rd I believe but it’s been around the site for a while now.

Today I was hopping around on the site and came across some n00bs.

I wonder what else they might release?

WANT! Bath and Body Works Shapeable Soap ($6.50)
Bath and Body Works Temptations 3

Can’t help myself I want these! So far they only have two scents wonder if they’ll do the others? They are dirt cheap at $6.50 and so fun. Makes me feel like a kid again in my shower creating a sudsy soap beard with these. I have to haul some for shiz!

LEAVE! Bath and Body Works Temptations Shimmer Splash ($9)
Bath and Body Works Temptations 2

You know I adore shimmer right? Just not in my body sprays thanks so much! I got these a few years ago and kinda hated all of them. I imagine I might be tempted to haul again because I like the smell of Twisted Peppermint but the damn shimmer kills me. Hopeful they will do a shimmerless version. Again, only two scents available but let’s see what they pop up with!

And finally the Bath and Body Works Temptation Body Lotion ($12) to match up with the body washes! Coolness!

Bath and Body Works Temptations 1

Remember to check out your local Bath and Body Works sometime next week as I’m sure they’ll have some mega display for the Temptation Collection.

By the way….since they are sorting bringing back Temptations I was kinda hopeful it would lead along into Spring and Summer which had me thinking what scents I’d like to see if they did that.

What are some of your ideas for new scents?

I’d love to see a lime one and maybe a cherry one!